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Swiss Chalet Canada, What A Disgrace!

By Diji

The following is an email I just sent to Swiss Chalet (the second one in about a month):

I had previously made a complaint about service in your store, and was sent 2 gift cards.
I checked the balances (because the letter you sent did not state the amount) and they each had $10 balance.
I used them this afternoon on an online order, the site said that they went through fine (except that one stated there was a balance of $8.97) and I was given a total balance owed of $10 even (I never used these cards, so no idea why it came up as under $10 balance).  When the driver arrived, he said that NEITHER giftcard had been used, and I owed the FULL balance ($28.xx).  He called the store and they put him on hold for over 20 minutes (he checked his phone time, at 19 minutes) called back, and I was put on hold again for 15 minutes or so, before they figured it out (I assume) and I just paid the remaining balance ($10, $8.xx and a tip for the driver).
This whole ordeal took OVER 45 minutes alone, just at my door!!!!!  INEXCUSABLE.
I will be posting reviews about this abominable service.
It is utterly insane to compound one bad experience with an even worse one.

I called the delivery phone line to make this complaint, but I don’t think the girl had any idea what I was actually complaining about.
I did not want the driver blamed (which is what she said she was putting it under) and I believe this was in no way his fault.
It is either the giftcards they sent me, or their online ordering idea, but this situation should have never occurred.


Great Service at Swiss Chalet Kitchener

By harrisonhouse

My husband and I love to eat out. We love the idea of spending our hard earned money on a good meal. This day was a special day and I must say I had a wonderful experience. The server Zena, was wonderful. She was super polite and everything you want a server to be. The food we ordered was delicious and the restauant was quite. The owner of the place hand delivered our food.

With the lack of customer service these days I wanted to share a good note.