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Appliances From the Bay

By Sandi

I ordered a fridge, stove and dishwasher all in stainless and a super red washer and dryer all Whirlpool from the BAY. I also ORDERED A deluxe QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING.
All items appeared on the scheduled delivery dates of my choosing. 

The salesperson and delivery people were very helpful and courteous.
So I am sorry you had such a pathetic experience but I have nothing but Bouquets for my dealings with HBC.I think THE BAY is an awesome company and their merchandise, service and prices are second to none.


Enbridge Computer Billing Error‏

By Anita

When Enbridge computer billing error occurred a year ago they charge back customers for there problem at the same time when I set up payment plan to pay for the adjustment of there computer problem they continued charging me late payment charges. Today I contact Enbridge regarding the issue of late payment charges and they credit my account for the charges occurred during that period and I have now got my account back on track the way Enbridge should have done with no late payment charges as I was on equal billing for many years. Contact Enbridge if they charged you and get your money back as I did.


Virgin Mobile Phones (Bad Xmas Deals)‏

By Anita

I went to purchase my son a replacement phone for Christmas at Virgin Mobile as that is who is his current provider. They informed me that I had 14 days from date of purchase if I needed to return or exchange the phone. I indicated that I would not be activating it until after Christmas and they said they could not extent the return or exchange date for the Christmas gift. I also contacted there head office to speak to a supervisor and they would not even let me speak to them and they confirmed what the guy at the Virgin kiosk said and that was all they would do for a new purchase. So if my son did not like my choice he would not be able to exchange or return it as I was going to purchase on the 26 of November making the 14 days two weeks prior to Christmas so I will not be purchasing this as the warranty is like the taillights on your car once there gone so is the warranty. Before you spend your hard earned money on a cell phone check out 450 complaints aga
inst Virgin.
Have a Merry Christmas, Anita


Best Buy Furniture - The Worst Furniture Store in Calgary

By Joanna

I will never go to that store. bad customer service. once they take your money they will never look at you again.If you return the furniture to store they will not return your full money. they take the furniture plus keep 30% of your money after an hour of abuse and disrespect.I don’t want anyone to have the same bad experience as I did. I regretted going there and spent 4000$. they should name it WORST buy furniture.


Walmart (Square One) Messed Up My Jacket‏

By Faheem

So this past Sunday (Nov 13th) i went into WalMart @ Square One to get some paint and supplies. While waiting for my paint to get mixed, this other customer was questioning the WalMart employee about varnish. And that he wanted the employee to open the tub of varnish so he could see the colour. He didn’t like the colour so the employee put the cap back on, and while hammering it closed, it splashed all over my face and on my Nike jacket. I’m fuming at this stage and just ask for my paint and head to Customer Service. Spoke to Ivona (MOD), who said WalMart will pay to have it cleaned. But it clearly says on the instructions of the jacket - DO NOT DRY CLEAN. So i told her that and the only way to clean this jacket is to put it in the wash and there’s no way these oil marks are going to come off. Anyways i was told to price out the jacket. So i went home put the jacket in the wash to see if the marks will come out and no it didn’t. I found a similar jacket at the Nike store as t
he one i have was bought a year ago. I printed it and returned to the store the following day (Mon 14th). Cost of the jacket is $200 + HST. Waited 30mins for a Manager. Paula comes down to talk to me..No Hello, or sorry to hear what happened..just rudeness..So i give her the printout and she says they can only pay $100 as the jacket depreciated in value..I tell her that aint my problem and the fact that WalMart messed up my jacket it needs to be replaced. And the cost is $200 + HST. I give her my contact details and she promises to have someone call me the next day - Tues the 15th. I wait until 4pm and no one calls. I call them and speak to Brenda, she says that i will have to give them my jacket and they will give me $150 for a new one. But wait, the one costs $200 + HST, so why should i be at a loss? Again i’m told that the jacket decreased in value. So now from $100 it went up to $150??? They think i’m an idiot..So i tell Brenda that that is unacceptable..So i filed a com
plaint with the Head Office and waiting for a response…I don’t think it’s fair that i only get paid a fraction of the cost of a new jacket. The jacket has sentimental value (given to me by my Mom) so why should i give it to them..Do you guys agree?


Great Clothes at Zellers

By Georgia

I’ve been shopping for clothing at Zellers recently and I’ve notice they have great deals! Lots of yellow tags on great fashion looks.
I also like how the quality of the clothes is much better than Walmart’s.


I Was Called “A Piece of Garbage” at Real Canadian Superstore‏

By itzakadoodle

Here’s my email to Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star:

Hi Ellen,

I’ve followed your column and blog for years and have read some pretty unbelievable stories on poor customer service.

I’m not claiming to have the worst consumer story but being told I’m a piece of garbage by a customer service manager has to rank up there.

I went shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore (Don Mills location) today for about 2.5 hrs.

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment and need everything, from furniture, to applicances, to housewares, to bath items, cleaning products, etc.

The only possession I came to the new apt. with is my clothing.

So this weekend RCS was advertising that they would price match competitors lower priced identical items AND have a NO TAX event.

I figured I could save a lot of money by taking advantage of these promos.

I arrived at the store at 9am and went to the electronics department first, as I need a t.v. and dvd player, etc.

I spoke to a very nice young man named Muhammed who assisted me with some questions on the tv I planned on buying.

Because I drive a compact car, I asked him what time the store closed as I would have to come back with a family member’s pick-up truck to load the tv.

I bought a few things from that department and paid for them directly there. I’ll mention the receipt # for the benefit of RCS customer service department to verify my transaction and time I was in the store (trans id 2049. lane 34.)

I spent the next two hours picking up smaller items as I was leaving larger items for when I had the pick-up truck. I also made a list of everything I would be buying later, including a Christmas tree and all the decorations that I need for my little daughter and me.

When I got to the self check-out, I left the price match items for last and advised the customer service rep (Alex) that monitors the self check-outs of my price match items.

I bought some Dove shampoo and conditioner that were on sale at Pharma Plus for $2.99.

Alex refused to honour the price because the flyer mentioned “selected types”. I pointed out to him the pictures of the product in the flyer were identical to the items I was trying to buy. He still refused.

I mentioned that with such a policy to not honour prices if “selected types” is printed pretty much excludes any kind of price matching since the vast majority of manufacturers have multiple varieties of the same brand (flavour, scent, etc).

It would be nearly impossible to actually honour a price match unless the manufacturer only made one type of a product.

So he continued to refuse and I wasn’t about to argue with him.

I gave him a Canadian Tire flyer to price match a Vileda ProMist mop which I didn’t expect to encounter any price matching problems.

He refused again because he now claimed Canadian Tire’s regular price was $2 more than RCS regular price. I told him that’s irrelevant and of course retailers will not have identical prices on every item.

He then said the mop I had was different than the one in the picture and that he know there is a second type of ProMist.

I told him there is only one, and the picture is identical. (I checked the Vileda website tonight and they only have one ProMist mop)

He called for a price check.

No one came. He shouted out to another person, who refused to do the check because it wasn’t his department. He called again, and again.

I waited for about 10 minutes before someone from that department came over.

I don’t recall her name but she even told him it’s the identical item, and he tried to use his “logic” of different regular prices to support his case.

She decided to go see if there was another type being sold.

The whole event took so long and it was such a frustrating scenario to save $2 that I decided to leave the mop and the entire purchase (about $150 but that was a fraction of what I would’ve spent over the course of the weekend sale).

I walked over to the customer service counter to request to speak to a manager. As I waited there, the girl who did the price check approached with another man.

He gruffly asked to see my flyer (he had the mop with him) and I told him I wasn’t interested in buying it anylonger.

He said “fine”.

I said here’s the flyer if you want to see it for your own benefit. He shoved the flyer back at me saying, “I don’t need it.”

At that point I was somewhat taken back by his attitude and aggression in shoving the flyer at me.

He walked away.

I got tired of waiting (yet again) to speak to the CSR so I decided to leave the store.

As I was walking away, the same man came towards me and so I asked him what his title is.

He refused to tell me and asked what I want.

I told him I wanted his title.

He said he’s the Customer Service Manager.

I told him he didn’t act in a very customer service friendly way by shoving the flyer at me.

He started off accusing me of waving my arms in his face and that I threw the flyer at him.

As I told him I did not waive my arms in his face, he walked away from me and said, “You’re a piece of garbage!”

I said excuse me, and he repeated it.

I said “thanks for saying that” and walked away, with every intention of complaining to head office.

As I walked away, he continued to yell at me in front of customers, saying he’s “got my number” and trying to get me to come back to challenge him.

Ellen, I’m 5′7″ and 150lbs. I’m not a big man by any stretch of the imagination.

This manager was at least 6′7″ and well over 250lbs.

His “look” is one of intimidation.

I certainly did not waive my arms in front of him, did not “throw” my flyer at him, and I acted in a reasonable manner by walking away from his anger.

Obviously I’m shocked at his behaviour, especially given he’s a customer service manager.

The way I see it, he had many opportunities to rectify my unpleasant experience and try to retain me as a customer. He would’ve have first gone to the self-checkout expecting me to be there. He would’ve seen that I abandoned my purchase. Obviously Alex told him I walked over to the Customer Service Counter.

At that point he could’ve asked me if there was a reason I abandoned my purchase and what could he do to resolve it. Instead he chose to be indifferent at the lost sale and aggressive towards me. And at this point he hasn’t yet insulted me or tried to incite a physical altercation.

I’m hoping that the security cameras caught the whole interaction because they will see that I did not do the things he accused me of, they will see him shoving the flyer at me, they will see him walking away from me as I tried talking to him, and they will see his anger, aggression, and yelling at me as I left the store.

Ellen, I don’t think Mr. Weston would ever condone such behaviour from an employee.

It’s one thing to be having a “bad” day and maybe not be at your best, but to insult a customer, yell at him, and try to incite an altercation is beyond acceptable behaviour.

Please forward my complaint to a high level manager at RCS/Loblaws as the company needs to be aware of this person.

His name is William.

I do apologise for the lengthy email but I like to be detailed for the benefit of all.

BTW, I went to a competitor to purchase my tv. They offered to beat the RCS sale by 5%and gave me some freebies to make up for the “no tax” savings I would’ve received at RCS.

Needless to say, I’m not planning on doing any more shopping at RCS until this issue is resolved. They’ve lost out on at least $2000 in sales that I would’ve spent there this weekend alone.

Thank you for your time and effort.


Beyond The Rack

By Bren

I have made several purchases @ Beyoond the Rack and have nothing negitive to say, I have always received what I ordered, received a refund when I asked, I have never received a defective product so I am a satisfied BTR Customer


Bikini Bay Yorkdale Mall Toronto

By Shay

Bikini Bay at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto has got to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. On several occasions my mother and I have walked into the store with the intent to spend $$ and have been ignored by the girls working there. On my third visit to the store I was so fed up I decided to never shop there again and to never encourage anyone I know to shop there either. Whoever is the manager for this place you have got to talk to the people you have hired they are rude, lazy , unapproachable and very unhelpful.


Defective Item From Canadian Tire

By Sam

bought a stepper/elleptical from sports section for $300 from Cedarbrae Canadian tire..
it happend last year.

bought it and brought it home. i opened the box to assemble it.
and saw that it is broken, in the box. so went back to canadian tire the next day, and asked for exchange. the department manager and customer service supervisor, said that they is no return on this. they suggested that i contact the manufacturer and they fix it. REALLY

so i called the manufacturer, and they give me another number because they were the importer of that product. no body picked up my call i left couple messages and go no response. and canadian tire was not ready to make the exchange.
after a week the manufacturer returned my call, and said that they can not exchange my product but they will fix it.

i went back to canadian tire, and the managers blew me off again.

then i called and got hold of the store manager, and give him my reasoning, then he aggreed to exchange the stepper/elleptical after two weeks of its purchase…

Very pooor pooor customer service.. always with canadian tire


Surprise at Walmart

By Dusty Rose

Had a little surprise as I was entering Walmart today. I had a shoulder bag of shopping from another store, and was hoping to avoid the greeter who would want to put the sticker to my bag to seal it. As I came in she called me over and I sighed. She had a wadded up plastic bag that she offered to me to put my soaking wet umbrella in. What a pleasant surprise to come in from the pouring rain and have a small, but very kind gesture. I noticed the bag was printed as an “umbrella bag”. I made a point to thank the greeter again as I was leaving.


Not Very Helpful At Candian Tire

By Joe

I have a SAE Metric 60 pc. tap & die set Guaranteed Forever - product #58-7171-4. 2 taps broke so I returned to Canadian Tire in Strathroy, ON to replace them. I was told they had none in stock, that I should check larger stores.
I don’t have the time or the gas to travel out of town to look for them.
Could the staff in Strathroy not call around to try to find them for me? Thankyou.


Canadian Tire - Should Have Known Better


143.00 to change a bulb on the signal for a 10 minute repair
I should have known better, all my experiences with Canadian Tire have been negative. I needed to repair the bulb so I could rent a trialer. Had they been honest and charge the initial $28.00 to change the bulb, I would have been a returning customer, somehow they managed to get a $94.00 dianostic fee, saying it was a wiring problem. Shame on you Canadian Tire Golden Mile in Scarborough


Best Buy Customers, Your Personal Info Is At Risk

By Lil

I bought a computer at a Future Shop in the summer of 2010, but because we’ve always called the Geek Squad to help us with our computer problems, I figured we’d keep calling them if ever we needed them.

In January 2011, I started having some problems with my computer. It wouldn’t even turn on/off make any noise, nothing. Brought it to the trusty geeks at Best Buy, was charged almost 250$, but in the end got a brand new hard drive… or so I thought.

Fast forward 6 months later. It’s a warm June day and I’m finishing off some work for one of my summer classes and suddenly I get this message pop up on my screen that my computer’s memory is almost at full capacity and I won’t be able to save my file. Finding this incredibly weird (as I have maybe 100 songs, and about 25 word documents) I went to check the My Computer folder. The blue bar that normally shows you how much memory you have left is bright red and is about 1 mm away from the end of the bar. Thinking that this HAS TO be some sort of computer problem, I search around to see if maybe someone had downloaded a program onto my computer without my knowledge and that’s what was taking up all the memory space.

Holy shit was I far from that. Like Montreal to Sydney, Australia kind of far. In the “users” folders, I discovered a folder which had a weird name, a female human name, one which I had never heard before. I was scared it was some kind of porn folder my brother may have been working on, but it was worse. When I clicked on this icon, it was like I was on a completely different computer. A separate “Documents” folder, “Music” folder, and “Favorites” folder. When I clicked on some of the documents I found personal pictures and videos of a family that I had never met in my entire life. Some pictures from a beach somewhere, a chalet somewhere, and a wedding. There were even videos of this family’s young daughters singing and dancing on their webcam, which also let me get a good glimpse into their home and bedrooms. In one word document, one of the girls had described her family for some sort of school project and I saw everyone’s names and what the parents did to earn a living. I
can’t even describe to you how I felt. I showed this to my parents, my brother, and my brother in law who is a computer programmer. He didn’t even believe me when I told him this happened, but we both came to the same conclusion: Best Buy had charged me 250$+ for a used hard drive which wasn’t even wiped clean.

When I showed up to Best Buy to explain what the situation was, the Geek’s manager laughed and said “there’s nothing to worry about here. What happens is that when people come in to fix their computers, we upload all their files to our servers. Then, once the computer is fixed, we upload the files back onto it and voila, fixed computer. This is a simple mistake of mixing up 2 hard drives and uploading the wrong information.” When we told him we’d go see the family (whom we tracked down because of the business the man of the house had, info we found out thanks to the little girl’s school project) the manager said “Oh that won’t be necessary, we’ll call them ourselves.” Then he offered to do a quick diagnostic of the computer. No 250$ refund, no hard drive replacement. He then told us our Windows wasn’t doing too great and we’d have to pay 100$ to have it re-downloaded. Um, no thanks. I grabbed my tower and left.

I went to get a second opinion at a local computer repair store which brings back to life old towers so that the hardware may be more affordable for others. The repairman there opened up the tower and just looked at me. The hard drive that Best Buy installed was a 250-something type when it should’ve been a 500, and it was a hard drive from 2006, which is clearly printed on the hardware. So not only did I pay for an old piece of crap, but it was full of personal info from some family. Wonderful.

Moral of the story? Dear God, do not bring your computers to get fixed at Best Buy because you don’t know who will one day find your personal files on their computer. Best Buy customers beware!!!!


New Walmart Port Coquitlam‏

By micky

very bad service in computer department, no help to busy with 1 customer yacking, to help me in any way. sorry took my business to another store. he lost out on a $900.00 sale.