Defective Item From Canadian Tire

By Sam

bought a stepper/elleptical from sports section for $300 from Cedarbrae Canadian tire..
it happend last year.

bought it and brought it home. i opened the box to assemble it.
and saw that it is broken, in the box. so went back to canadian tire the next day, and asked for exchange. the department manager and customer service supervisor, said that they is no return on this. they suggested that i contact the manufacturer and they fix it. REALLY

so i called the manufacturer, and they give me another number because they were the importer of that product. no body picked up my call i left couple messages and go no response. and canadian tire was not ready to make the exchange.
after a week the manufacturer returned my call, and said that they can not exchange my product but they will fix it.

i went back to canadian tire, and the managers blew me off again.

then i called and got hold of the store manager, and give him my reasoning, then he aggreed to exchange the stepper/elleptical after two weeks of its purchase…

Very pooor pooor customer service.. always with canadian tire

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    Nick says...

    for some reason CTC stores are bad about customer service in a lot of conditions and I have found if it happens you have to complain to HQ.

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    Nowella says...

    I am a former employee at Canadian Tire and I can see this happening, I have read everyone’s complaints. Trust me not only are the customers receiving bad service and being treated poorly but so are the employees. The managers are not at all professional. If you only knew what was going on. The staff receives no orientation, and no training, no product knowledge. We were expected to sell this merchandise and answer customers questions on product we had no info about, I felt like a fool having to read the instruction booklet to my customers when I knew they could do just as well! I had an elderly customer who needed help assembling a vacuum he had purchased, I was yelled at from my manager with a fellow associate because we don’t do that, there is a fee! Bad customer service but what do you expect with awful managers and high school kids running the place! It’s definitely not the same Canadian Tire it was when my dad took me shopping there as a kid!

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    Random says...

    We recently encountered the exact same situation at Canadian Tire, we purchased a Stanley batter/air compressor. It broke after the first use and we brought it back and got the same run around, finally they gave us an instore credit, because we did not want another one. They are horrible we have decided to never shop there again, EVER!!

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