Bikini Bay Yorkdale Mall Toronto

By Shay

Bikini Bay at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto has got to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. On several occasions my mother and I have walked into the store with the intent to spend $$ and have been ignored by the girls working there. On my third visit to the store I was so fed up I decided to never shop there again and to never encourage anyone I know to shop there either. Whoever is the manager for this place you have got to talk to the people you have hired they are rude, lazy , unapproachable and very unhelpful.

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    Joan says...

    Hi Shay
    I had the same experiences in that store then I found a great store just outside Vaughan Mills Shopping Center.
    The staff and products were phenominal.
    Give Kazwear Swimwear on Rutherford Rd a try.

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    carla says...

    your thinking bikini village since there is no bikini bay in either of those malls

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    Diane says...

    Thank you Carla, there is no Bikini Bay location in Yorkdale Mall.
    As a manager of Bikini Bay, I was upset to see this review and to be honest, a little annoyed that such a review was written about Bikini Bay when it wasn’t even one of our stores. Im sorry to hear about the experience that Shay and Joan had but I wish they had taken the time to get the actual store name correct before writing such a review.
    I too haven’t had the best customer service at Bikini Village but the staff at Bikini Bay are amazing and I would never work for a company that didn’t offer the best in customer service. I would persoanlly like to invite both Shay and Joan to come into a BIKINI BAY store to see what it is we have to offer. I manage the location in Brampton Shoppers World and would love to show you both how customer service is supposed to be :)

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