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PetSmart Cambridge Injured My Dog And Lied About It‏

By L AuCoin

The PetSmart in Cambridge Ontario (Hespeler) Injured my Dog and lied (unsuccessfully) to cover it up.
I dropped my 7 mnth old dog off at 1:15 for her 1:30 appointment, they asked me to pick her up at 5 (beyond their 3 hour policy).
At 5:02 I cam to pick her up - the staff was acting very distant and weird, they said she “wasn’t fininshed” and to come back in 20 mins.
I returned, and the receptionist said I needed to see a manager. When asked why, she had indicated that my dog was clipped and was currently at the animal hospital. When I asked the girl when it happened she stated 20 mins ago. When I told her why she didn’t tell me when I was in the store - she said I needed to speak with the manager.
After finding out what hospital they were at, I immediately went to find my dog. As I arrived the PetSmart Staff and my dog were leaving the exam room, I tried to speak to the vet as to the specifics of the injury and to understand the care needed, but each time I asked a question - the PetSmart groomer would talk over me and say that the dog was fine and it was a minor cut. At this point I was escorted (with my dog) back to the store to speak with the Manager - Jennifer who was helpful and apologetic. She soulc not answer why if my dog was dropped off at 1:15 was she not ready by 5. It was now almost 6pm and my dog was still not finished. Additionally, why was I not called to inform me of the cut and/or why was I lied to about the dog not being finished vs. injured? Again she did not have an answer. I was however given a bag of dog food and a bag of treats. I left without a report from the vet or any further information. Later that night I was contacted by the Grooming Manag
er - Emily who apologized and handled the situation as best she could. I have received apologies from everyone except the groomer that cut my dog.
Cuts are going to happen - but not being notified, and essentially lied to are just NOT acceptable.


Sears Canada Repair of Electrolux Oven in National Capital Region

By Peg

On December 17th, a large tree fell and pulled the mast for the electrical wires off of the side of our house. 240 volts of electricity was supplied to all of our electrical devices. Our new Electrolux wall oven was one of the appliances that was damaged.

I found repair information on the Electrolux website that directed us to contact Sears for repairs if that is where we purchased our oven. We called the Sears Call Centre, gave them the model and serial number of the oven and explained the trouble. They said a repairman would contact us.
Several days went by and it was getting closer to Christmas so I called the Sears number again. They were surprised that a repairman hadn’t contacted us and told us they would make sure someone called.

We got a call that day and Repairman 1 informed that no-one could come out before Christmas. He said someone would call to set up an appointment for after Christmas. So we were without an oven for the entire holiday season.

When we didn’t hear from anyone by Thursday afternoon, January 7th, we called again. Someone called back and set up an appointment for the following week. Repairman 1 came out, looked the oven over and said that the oven needed two parts, a controller and touch panel and they would have to be ordered in before he could fix it.

The parts took until the middle of February to arrive.

Repairman 2 called to say he was coming to install the part on February 12th. My husband noticed that he said part, singular. He warned Repairman 2 that there were supposed to be two parts. Repairman 2 argued and said there was only one part needed and that he knew what was the problem was and how to fix it.
Repairman 2 arrived and installed the controller. My husband had to point out to him that the oven touch panel was still not lighting up. Also, an error message was showing on the display. Repairman 2 then realized he needed a second part. He called in to Sears and the control panel had been too large to put into his parts bin. It was sitting on the floor, near his bin. He wouldn’t go back to Sears to fetch the part. He said he would come back next week.

Repairman 1 showed up the next Friday, February 19th. He had a small, opened part box with him. My husband told him it didn’t look like he had the right part with him. Repairman 1 said that Repairman 2 had given the box to him, saying it was what was needed to be installed. It turned out that it was the damaged controller that Repairman 2 had removed the week before. Repairman 1 called into Sears and found out the touch panel had been returned to the parts supplier. We were told there would be a delay while the part was ordered in again.

My husband also told Repairman 1 that the oven didn’t seem to be calibrated properly anymore. Repairman 1 said that was another issue and he would deal with it later. We had a dinner party the next day where we weren’t sure what temperature we were cooking things at and we had to stare intently at the touch panel to try to see the unlit buttons.

So, we still have a broken oven that gives random error messages and random oven temperatures, after two months. I’ve never waited more than a week to have any major appliance fully repaired, until now. It just seems like a comedy of errors….except I’m not laughing.


Airmiles Mileage Redemption Hellish Customer Service‏

By mtlyorel

Anyone has horror stories to share and to forewarn others while dealing with airmiles?

I have been trying to get a refund back from airmiles for a double charge on ticket change fees and is being given the classic runaround. I was scolded by a customer rep, put on hold to speak to a supervisor then cut off unceremoniously while on hold, and made to submit an email on their website.

The email I got back was another totally ridiculous runaround, basically telling me to call them back at their number. I am still trying to deal with them and to at least speak to someone in charge. I told them if the supervisor does not call me to settle this problem, I will write a letter to the CEO and forward my correspondences to him/her.

So, for anyone who is trying to redeem miles, make sure that you ask many times how the flight cancellation insurance work and only buy this insurance if you are flying at a time of variable weather! I was duped! Never will I buy this insurance again! Highway robbery plain and simple. Why of why is customer service so lousy in Canada?!?


HP Canada - Extremely BAD Customer Service - They Do NOT Honour Recalls!! Pls Read Before Considering A Purchase From HP‏

By 2jk19

I am a university student - I am in the field of education and my program in teachers college requires a laptop for software, lectures, etc.

ANYWAYS being a student, I can’t afford a lot so I did my best to find a good laptop. I ended up going with HP. I bought it brand new from Best Buy for just over $1200. I loved the laptop and it got things done. To date, I have had it for 2 years and 2 months. I purchased extended warranty through best buy (2 years) so at this point, it is no longer covered. What do you know? I start experiencing problems! The wireless internet (WLAN) stopped working - so I cannot use the internet on my laptop wirelessly which defeats its purpose to me as a university student! I tried bringing it to places to get fixed - spent just over $100 and I began getting frustrated. I decided to check the HP website for any suggestions. I see that my laptop model has been recalled for the exact symptom that I was experiencing. When I bought the laptop, I registered it online with HP, SO they have access to my address as well as my email. Did I receive any contact from them letting me know that my laptop has been recalled?? NO! But being such a big company that they are, I assumed that they would honour my request to fix the problem, afterall, it is a RECALL! Well, to my surprise, this was not the case at all. I spoke with 3 people at HP customer service (2 managers and one rep.). Only 1 person was friendly! ANYWAYS, they refused to fix my laptop because it was 2 months over the warranty but my argument was that it was a recall and I was never notified and a recall is a recall! Things on recall need to be fixed or replaced, regardless of when the consumer purchased it. Instead they told me that I would have to pay $399 plus taxes to have it fixed!! WOW! I just spent $1200 just over 2 years ago and now they want over $400 for a problem that they are aware of!! I could buy a new laptop for $400!! They were not helpful at all. I felt so helpless and I could not afford that service fee, especially after I already spent $100 getting it looked at, only to discover it was recalled! AHHH! So I either scrap it and be left without a laptop or pay their ridicious price! I decided to file a complaint with my local BBB (Better Business Bureau) - but HP rebuttled and refused to fix it :(

I am not left without a laptop because I cannot afford a new one. My marks are suffering as a result and it makes things really difficult to get done - my program is technology based!! Thanks a lot HP!

**I have had many HP products before (a desktop computer and printers) and never had any problems.

**It is not the products that I am complaining about here - I know lots of well known companies have recalls on products, it is the customer service that is a huge concern for me!

Buyer beware!


Sears Home Store Canada - Deceitful Practice-Bad Customer Service‏

By Tanya

My husband and I went to the Sears home store in Ottawa as we are going to be purchasing a house within the next couple of months and buying things here and there. We had picked out a number of items and saw that there was a sale in the store and decided we were going to purchase 3 of the items we had on our list.

One of the items we were looking at was a cream chaise lounge. We had been in the same store a couple of months ago and were looking at getting a custom made one as the couch we wanted to purchase was red. The price (not on-sale) was $699 with the additional cost of re-upholstering it to a different colour based on what we chose. Needless to say we were very disappointed when we got into the store and the sale price on the chaise was $200 more than it previously was. Not only was that disheartening, the sales representative was one of the worst sales people I have ever dealt with.

We had already priced the chaise lounge out and we had let her know we were already in the store and the sales rep. we were dealing with showed us the swatches of other colours etc. we could have it changed to for an additional cost. We obviously knew what price it used to be and that the sale price was $200 more than the original price??. She informed us that a new style of the couch had come out in another store which brought the price up (basically the same couch in one of the other materials we could have gotten it upholstered in). She also very abruptly let us know that we could go elsewhere to try and find the same thing.

I am a small business owner and I know how the retail industry works. I did not appreciate someone talking to either myself or my husband as though we are idiots. You bought the couch in a different colour from your supplier and it brought the price up, we all know that is not true.

There was also another lounge we were looking at which was almost $250 more expensive on sale as well. Not only is this practice illegal they have not returned my phone calls or emails and it has been about 8 months.

Sears sucks and obviously does not care about their customers.


Canadian Baby Photographers‏-NOT Picture Perfect

By Candace

I had them come and take pics in my home in November so I could have Christmas photos to give out. The photographer came took the pics which I thought would be good. 2 weeks went by I had heard nothing so I called them and booked a viewing. The sales rep never showed. I called again they apologized and booked another appt. Again they never showed! I called back several more times to see what was going on. they never answered or returned my calls. I even emailed and got nothing!!!! Now just a week ago ( Jan.28) they called me to tell me my pics where ready to veiw online. So I freaked out on the lady and told her how I felt. She said she didn’t know anything but would call back in a few days to give me the passcode to view my pics! She called back today gave me the code. I just viewed them and the pics are horrible!!!!! My daughter isn’t even looking at the camera in half of them! She looks like shes about to fall on her face and you can see half of my living room in the photos!!!! On top of it they told me I would receive one free photo and a calender and when I asked if I would get one she told me no!!! I strongly dislike this company. I don’t recommend them to anyone!! If you live in Alberta I strongly recommend Alberta baby & children’s photography! The photographer was awesome. We had him do my daughters 3 months photo’s. It was about $200 but I got 20 poses and a leather portfolio frame that held 8 poses and the pics where awesome! He did everything to make my daughter smile and was sooo great with her!! His name is Don and he owns the company, takes the photos, answers his own phone and even comes to drop off your photos!!


Poor Customer Service at Real Canadian Superstore

By Rob

Not too long ago,I approached the manager of Clareview superstore.I
wanted to point out that no name sour cream was priced cheaper in the
smaller container than the larger container.Right away i got the
fealing of being dismissed as a hassle rather than a helpfull
customer.Rod ..the manager told me the wharehouse may have excess
small containers.This didnt make sense to me as dairy products are
returned for credit.Rod totally brushed me off.His assistant manager
Rick was standing with him at the time.As I walked away.Rod said under
his breath.”brush your teeth”I heard him and asked him “What did you
say?I heard that”(I take anti depresants of wich a side affect is bad
breath)I am very concious of this so i pay extra attention to my oral
hygene.After confronting Rod.He went on a tirade about me intimidating
his employees and went on to say “I was banned from his store”I
remarked “I have a prescription at this pharmacy i would have to wait
another half hour for”I procee ded to the pharmacy and sat in a chair
waiting for my perscription.After I got it I went to go pay for the
items i had.On my way to the till rod and rick were in a spot standing
wich I had to walk past.Rod stopped me and said”he had gotten me
confused with another person who was intimidating his staff.”Going on
to say I was not banned from the store.And he was sorry for the
misunderstanding(never appologising for the brush your teeth
comment)On my very next trip to the same store…I was packing my
groceries when I heard a loud commotion with someone screaming “lets
go nigger”I told the cashier To take my money and groceries and put
them aside as I went to go help with the altercation taking
place.Outside the store fron doors was a group of rather small
security guards and Rod with his arms folded trying to get a native
gang member(the native fella proclaimed this)to exit the property.I am
larger 6 foot 2 250 pounds.I assesed the situation and determined i
should intervene.I approached the native fella when he said to me”What
are you going to be the hero?”I told him “Maybe there was somthing I
could do to help him?”And “whatever it was “I assured him “IT wasnt
worth it”The native fella started to leave and I noted the security
and Rod started back into the store.After I was sure the fella was
definatly leaving.I went back to my cashier where she had taken my
money and left the change and reciept nicely on my grocery bag.and
taken the time to move them to the side so she could help other
customers.As I left the store…Rod was standing between the double
doors of the exit.I commented to him”You never know when someone who
dosnt brush thier teeth is going to save you”His reply….A Howie
Mandel hand bump.Not even a thank you…….As far as
babysiting…Most 13 year old babysitters would be more helpfull and
diplomatic than the manager of this store.And as the sign says at the
customer service wall.”IT starts with me,Rod.Store manager”I wont even
get into the employees who have treated me as if My presence as a
shopper was painfull to deal with.However one particular employee does
come to mind.This employee also worked at the self check out line.It
is a shame that the almighty dollar is such a priority that staff are
asked to do so much more than the wage they are paid is worth.That
they become resentfull of the customer.And the customer is tested to
see how far they can be pushed to accept marginal quallity of products
and service.I will be searching for my local farmers this summer to
give him my business for meat and vegatables.And look forward to the
country welcome and service I know I will recieve.   


Hair Found in KFC Canada Chicken

I had a slight craving for fried chicken today–I really just wanted
that delicious, salty and crispy skin that should be sold by the
bucket if you ask me, but I digress–so against my better judgment I
decided to get KFC. The first time I ate there I found a twirly black
hair on my chicken. Of course that doesn’t automatically mean it was a
pube but needless to say I decided to play it safe and chucked the
rest of the meal.

I told my sister about this incident because she likes to eat there a
lot. She said she’s never noticed any hair in her food before. So I
figured it could have been an isolated incident but still avoided that
location. Yet today, I found myself parked in their drive-thru
ordering a 3 piece meal with potato salad and a pepsi. As I was
slamming the last thigh into my greedy pie-hole something caught my
eye. So I stopped mid-chomp and my eyes focused onto an eyelash sized
hair fried right onto the piece I was about to eat. It’s amazing I
even noticed it. Now I’m not very squeamish about hairs in my food but
I have suspicions about that place’s hygiene. Twice in a row is hard
to pass off as coincidence in my book.

I won’t be going there again and I’ll tell my sister to do boycott
that location as well.