Poor Customer Service at Real Canadian Superstore

By Rob

Not too long ago,I approached the manager of Clareview superstore.I
wanted to point out that no name sour cream was priced cheaper in the
smaller container than the larger container.Right away i got the
fealing of being dismissed as a hassle rather than a helpfull
customer.Rod ..the manager told me the wharehouse may have excess
small containers.This didnt make sense to me as dairy products are
returned for credit.Rod totally brushed me off.His assistant manager
Rick was standing with him at the time.As I walked away.Rod said under
his breath.”brush your teeth”I heard him and asked him “What did you
say?I heard that”(I take anti depresants of wich a side affect is bad
breath)I am very concious of this so i pay extra attention to my oral
hygene.After confronting Rod.He went on a tirade about me intimidating
his employees and went on to say “I was banned from his store”I
remarked “I have a prescription at this pharmacy i would have to wait
another half hour for”I procee ded to the pharmacy and sat in a chair
waiting for my perscription.After I got it I went to go pay for the
items i had.On my way to the till rod and rick were in a spot standing
wich I had to walk past.Rod stopped me and said”he had gotten me
confused with another person who was intimidating his staff.”Going on
to say I was not banned from the store.And he was sorry for the
misunderstanding(never appologising for the brush your teeth
comment)On my very next trip to the same store…I was packing my
groceries when I heard a loud commotion with someone screaming “lets
go nigger”I told the cashier To take my money and groceries and put
them aside as I went to go help with the altercation taking
place.Outside the store fron doors was a group of rather small
security guards and Rod with his arms folded trying to get a native
gang member(the native fella proclaimed this)to exit the property.I am
larger 6 foot 2 250 pounds.I assesed the situation and determined i
should intervene.I approached the native fella when he said to me”What
are you going to be the hero?”I told him “Maybe there was somthing I
could do to help him?”And “whatever it was “I assured him “IT wasnt
worth it”The native fella started to leave and I noted the security
and Rod started back into the store.After I was sure the fella was
definatly leaving.I went back to my cashier where she had taken my
money and left the change and reciept nicely on my grocery bag.and
taken the time to move them to the side so she could help other
customers.As I left the store…Rod was standing between the double
doors of the exit.I commented to him”You never know when someone who
dosnt brush thier teeth is going to save you”His reply….A Howie
Mandel hand bump.Not even a thank you…….As far as
babysiting…Most 13 year old babysitters would be more helpfull and
diplomatic than the manager of this store.And as the sign says at the
customer service wall.”IT starts with me,Rod.Store manager”I wont even
get into the employees who have treated me as if My presence as a
shopper was painfull to deal with.However one particular employee does
come to mind.This employee also worked at the self check out line.It
is a shame that the almighty dollar is such a priority that staff are
asked to do so much more than the wage they are paid is worth.That
they become resentfull of the customer.And the customer is tested to
see how far they can be pushed to accept marginal quallity of products
and service.I will be searching for my local farmers this summer to
give him my business for meat and vegatables.And look forward to the
country welcome and service I know I will recieve.   

35 Responses to “Poor Customer Service at Real Canadian Superstore”

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    Ron Simmons says...

    Rob, does it surprise you that Superstore has horrible service??

    That is why I shop at my local Safeway. Their service is second to none.

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    AJ says...

    Rob, if you shop at superstore, no frills, price chopper or food basics, it’s for the prices, not the customer service.

    If you want customer service you have to shop at metro, loblaws, sobey’s, etc. But I’ll tell ya, that tub of sour cream will be a helluva lot more expensive!!

    superstore has always sucked, these stories dont surprise me at all.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    I use this store alot, not for their outstanding customer service, but for the prices. Anyway, one day a couple of months ago I witnessed the Store Manager screaming obscenities to a couple as they were being removed from the store. This man, the Manager, carried on as if it were his name on the store front, with no regard for the customers around him or the possiblity of younger children. I found it truly disturbing. **I should point out the couple he was removing weren’t any better, but they aren’t paid to watch over the store **

    I have read a lot of negative comments about this man on this site, I wonder if he knows? or if his superiors know? that would be interesting to know.

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    TREVOR says...


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    RCSS Customer says...

    I heard nothing but horrible stories about this Rod character. He should be fired. To treat customers like that is unacceptable. He is representing the company and what I hear and read, is not good in any way. He should be reported to head office (the number is on the back of the superstore flyer) for those whom want to complain. Nothing can or will be done without input. I for one will not ever shop at the Clairview store. I keep my business with the Castledowns store. Everyone is so polite there.
    Do not totally write off RCSS until you find the one with the best staff.

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    Alee says...

    Yah, I can’t stand RCSS, I sometimes go if there is a something in the flyer that is a really great deal, but other than that, I stay away from it…

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    RCSS EMPLOYEE says...

    Numerous complaints have been lodged against this man… His staff get treated worse by him than most of the customers go through.. however due to relations with people higher up in the company, Rod will probably remain in that store for some time.

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    Bong Hillier says...

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    Debby says...

    It really bothers me that Rod (Rodrick) Hill has created such a BAD REPUTATION FOR RCSS and they still keep him around.

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    Another rcss employee says...

    I give you kudos for thinking that getting a bunch of people together will do you any good. However speaking from experience.. no amount of customers will get rid of him. He is far too liked from the higher ups to get rid of him

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    chris says...

    From inside the company. Rumer has him leaving that store The store up the road is well managed and a better , experienced group that has one of the best cs ratings in the company!!casltedowns I used to work there and still shop there weekly. A good costumer service superstore starts with management and flows to the employees. Some have great cs, but others have bad. Each store has its own culture. Thanks

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    I've got good news says...

    His Last day is tommorrow, make sure you say- GOOD-BYE!!!

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    The Hobbit says...

    Just a quick note about our Super Stores down east. I have shopped in several of their stores and never have I had any problem with staff or managers. Our local Super Store has always obliged when any one was canvasing for charitable donations. Fast and Friendly service, but that is the way it is anywhere in the Maritimes.

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    Greg Martin says...

    Rod Hill is still a disgrace to Superstore. Because they refuse to admit that he is a problem manager. He used the race card time and time again with anyone who ever spoke out against his psychological abuse and subtle sexual harassment. He’s been quickly transfer to the Siberia of Supersotres, Brandon, Manitoba. He’d better watch his ass around Brandon; they Won’t take too kindly to jerks like him and I can guarantee that there’ll be a welcoming committee there that will wait outside for him if he starts with his sexual harassment games in brandon.


    Greg Martin
    Edmonton, AB

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    Old Bob says...

    Living in Siberia, I mean Brandon, he’s already begun the poor customer service.

    1. We can no longer return produce, which I’m not sure is legal.

    2. The ‘Out’ doors are locked one hour before close so in/out traffic shares a single door. What’s the point of this?

    3. Customer Service is required to ID no less than 4 people for tobacco purchases per hour. It’ll flatter the sixty-plus folks but boils down to a complete waste of time.

    Hopefully, he left all the abusive and “race card” behaviour in Alberta.

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    Kelly says...

    Why is everyone so hard on the guy. I never witnessed any of this behaviour that you’re talking about when he was the Manager at Southport in Calgary. He actually turned that store around so it was a lot cleaner and more organized. He was always pleasant when you walked in the door, he was visible, not shut up in some office. However, I must not have as much time to spend shopping as a lot of you apparently do. I get my groceries and leave; I’m not looking to make friends with the Store Manager. I don’t shop at a store because of the Manager, it’s the prices. Who cares whether you like him or not, you’re grocery shopping. If you don’t like the store because of the Manager, shop somewhere else. I’m sure there are inefficient managers all over - so why does everyone pick on this guy?

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    Superstore Shopper says...

    As a shopper of the superstore in Edmonton, I feel compelled to compliment Mr. Hill on the positive changes I saw as a customer of the Superstore. The days of entering a dirty store are gone. There are no more people begging for money in the parking lot. While he was at Clareview he was always visable on the salesfloor and with a smile on his face. I had no personal interaction with him but never wittnessed any of the negative things people have written. As a customer I`m looking for value for my money as well a neat, clean and shoppable environment which we all get to enjoy since he has been to Clareview and for that I thank him. As for the negative comments from employees, as with most companies there is an internal reporting system that is open to you and if you feel the need follow the chain of command that is available to you. As for the sexual harrassment comments is amazing that anyone is able to post anything they want about a man that could possible hurt an individual without any proof. There is also a reporting system in place for harrassment as well. I fully support and appreciate the great changes he brought to a place I shop and would like all of you folks in Brandon to give the man a chance to show you how good a Superstore can look and be.

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    You Dont Know Me says...

    A fist bump is the equivalent of a thank you. Newb. I listened to Rod Hill tonight as he was a special guest speaker at a highschool football banquet in Brandon, and have a very hard time believing all the shit talk. Never have I met a more well spoken man who gave the kids inspirational words of encouragment about overcoming lifes obstacles.

    Sorry some of you can’t return your produce haha.

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    RCSS Employee says...

    I have been reading these posts for a bit now, and I feel I need to comment.
    Clareview Superstore was a mess before Rod Hill entered the premises to take over as Store Manager. As employees we were sworn at, threatened physically, had products thrown at us, called the most vile names you could think of, all for nicely saying the words “I’m sorry, we can’t return milk you’ve had in your fridge for two months”. Rod Hill started off his ‘reign’ there by taking groups of employees aside and saying you will no longer be sworn at, humiliated, or insulted by any other person that either works here or shops here. That being said, customer service was a must. We were required to be understanding, compassionate, and friendly. Customers were required to be respectful, and to act like proper human beings, i.e. not taking out their anger with shopping towards employees. When Rod came into the store, it was a mess. Our reputation was a disgrace. Our nickname was The Ghetto. While he may not have been liked or respected at first, the staff very quickly came to appreciate his sense of respect and appreciation of hardworking individuals, as well as customers that would take the time to be respectful to staff.
    Anyone that has worked with Rod Hill firsthand knows that he is all about respect of the individual, whether it be customer or employee. Customers are the foundation of our employment with Superstore, as any retail business. We must keep in mind, however, that employees must also be treated with understanding, we do not make store policies. You can walk into the Clareview Superstore and talk to most of the employees, and they will tell you that Rod Hill was respectful and always listened. The only people that ever had a problem with him, as employees with Superstore, are those that didn’t pull their weight. Anyone that actually worked, cared about the company, about customer service, had NO problem whatsoever with Rod being store manager. The people that went into work and gave their best were appreciated and left alone when it came to work ethic. The employees that had/have a problem with Rod Hill, are those that are not pulling their weight. If you work hard, have a great work ethic, Rod will be the most understanding and appreciative Store Manager you could ever ask for.
    Another thing that employees, and customers, should appreciate is that Rod doesn’t just sit upstairs in an upper office and bark orders. Rod was always on the floor, watching the business, the interactions, the level of service. He was always talking to customers, making sure they were happy. And in the same note, if a customer was being unreasonable and blaming staff for a pricing issue, and being abusive towards staff, Rod was there to make sure the customer understood that that kind of behavior would not be tolerated. He made us, as employees, feel safe. We knew we could walk out into the parking lot to go home and an irate customer wouldn’t be there waiting for us to walk to our car.
    As for the interaction with the first customer to comment about the ‘bad breath’ issue, I was there, I saw and heard everything that happened. Sometimes perceptions are different than what actually happened.
    For those of you out in Brandon, you will appreciate Rod Hill more than you know. Now that he’s left our store, a lot of what happened previous to his management there is happening again, and it’s a shame. He cleaned up our store, made it a pleasant place to buy groceries. He made it a pleasant place to work. I, as a lot of us employees that work in our store, wish that Rod was still working with us. For as much as you may not like his put in or walk out attitude, you will appreciate what he does for your store.

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    roxdoglet says...

    Wow, Rod must be busy making all these positive posts for himself

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    Just Saying says...

    @ Rob (the OP): I applaud you for standing up for yourself, and also for others who you feel were being mistreated in this store.

    Just remember that the issue is THEIR problem, not YOUR problem.

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    Like really says...

    Ok really??? Forget about this Rob guy I feel sorry for the comments this guy had to deal with….the Clareview Store is still a mess and never has stocked shelves! And why? STAFF who don’t care! Let’s get that straight. If you don’t like your job than quit!! Quit pointing the finger! What a sad thing to read…geesh!!

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    Judi Neale says...

    Spot on with this write-up, I actually suppose this web site wants far more consideration. I’ll most likely be again to learn rather more, thanks for that info.

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    UglyDoris says...

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    Ken says...

    I stumbled on this site while trying to find an avenue to direct my complaint to about the SUPERSTORE on SOUTHPORT ROAD in South West Calgary.
    I have one hip replacement, and the other hip is on the way out. I am doing my best to consume as much glucosamine and Chondroitan (if I spelled them right) as I can to keep my one hip as nature gave it to me.
    I take medication for pain, as I’ve been told my cartilage is all but gone in the remaining hip. Bone on bone.
    Realizing that I could access meds that require prescriptions for pain, but not wanting to risk dependency issues, I am doing my level best to stay off prescription pain killers and limit myself to an over the counter analgesic…Tylenol Number one. Because I take this daily for pain, and I want to stay active as well, I purchase this medication in quantities of 200. Now here’s where the story gets interesting. I have to produce a provincial health care card as I.D. to purchase this stuff as it contains a small amount of codeine…a narcotic. The pharmacist has lectured me repeatedly about the “dangers” of using this medication and always treats me like I am a prime candidate for misuse of this substance…if that’s possible. He stresses that tylenol can cause liver damage and that it’s his job (repeatedly) to present to me the danger of taking this analgesic.
    To which I reply that my Dr is aware of my condition and is ok with what I am taking for it. Along with whatever else he prescribes for me.
    Eventually this store refused to sell me N0 1’s in 200’s and would only allow me to purchase 50 at a time which in my situation means a return to the store every 2 weeks.
    I argued against that, and was told by the pharmacist…sorry we don’t carry 200 anymore.
    I blew this by my Dr. He gave me a prescription for 200 (bear with me) even tho normally no prescription is required it’s just that they refused to sell it to me based on their assumption I was somehow abusing this medication. I returned to the store to present my prescription. Suddenly they did indeed have 200 in a single bottle…not only that but the pr*ick has the nerve to say…”You know you DON’T NEED a prescription for this you can BUY IT OVER THE COUNTER!!!” He defended his stance repeating the idea that my liver could be in danger. To which I asked him if he had ever thought of stopping people in the liquor store parking lot and explained to them alcohol was definitely bad for their liver. If that’s ALL he was worried about, surely a crusade against liquor consumption should be a prime target for him. And to add insult to injury the airhead assistant holds up another prescription medication (not the Tylenol) and asks “How many of these do you take in a day??? Like I am obligated to discuss it with her. I doubt if she even had a high school diploma.
    I asked her when she she graduated from med school and when was she assigned me as a patient….pointing out that the prescription indicated to “take as required” meaning there was no set daily dosage/not required as a daily medication. Like she even knew what that meant.
    Total waste of time dealing with insulting, insensitive, uninformed and undereducated idiots. To think that one has to not only endure the agony of a condition that is very painful, but in addition must argue for the right to get his prescription medication filled without harassment or verbal abuse, is just beyond belief.
    I phoned the head office down east and relayed this incident(s)to them and was relieved to find out they actually cared enough to promise me an investigation and continued follow up with me.
    DO NOT allow this disrespectful, abusive nonsense to go unchallenged…any of you!
    I am sure S. Store has people who actually care about how their customers feel.
    I was given this number to call and it’s where I managed to speak with someone who seemed genuinely interested in hearing my story. I suggest you call too, if your story warrants it. I hope I didn’t bore you…thanks for reading.
    403 291 7700

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    Maria says...

    I don’t know who you are all talking about when you say bad things about Rod. I don’t even know if it is the same guy I am thinking about. But the Rod Hill I just met tonight at the SS in Wpg was extremely polite, helpful, caring and showed none of the negative comments I see on this post. I am not black, I am not young and I am not single, so he would have no reason to be nice to me when I was really upset about a Manager, Patricia at the SS on St. James who treated me with extreme disrespect to the point that my teenage son begged me to speak to a higher manager because he was embarrased for me by the way Patricia spoke to me. Now, you want to bash a manager, bash her. What a disgrace to management in the SS. Rod was so nice and helpful and I would talk to him about any concern anytime. By the way, this post was not created by Rod, so you out there who has a bone to pick, maybe you have a problem yourself.

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    RODROCKS says...

    WOW!! Some people are sure quick to judge. I have worked for Loblaws for 13 years now and some customers can not be pleased. We as management seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to customer complaints and thinking that they are always right.The customer is important and a number focus in my eyes…but not “ALWAYS” right. That logic does not work in this society anymore. I strive on excellent customer service and show this to my staff and customers who shop at my store. I have met Rod Hill and he is one of the nicest and most customer oriented persons I have met in this company. I along with him have had negative letters written and they have been from customers who feel they were “cheated” or wanting to return items with no proof of purchase or for causing a scene because I would not give them what they wanted. Rules and policies are in place for a reason. Please people think of this next time you shop anywhere…not just at RCSS.

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    Joan Doelitsch says...

    Please make sure that you all get your facts straight. I have personally seen this man bully supervisors and staff. He expects his supervisors to put in 9 1/2 hours a day. As well he has yet to show common courtesy to minority staff and not make you feel inadequate by following you around as you do your job. His arrogance is something to be desired and from what I see he loves control and uses his status as an ex-football player to his advantage. He is the man that will do the dirty work for the higher ups and that is the way it is. I do not believe that Mr. G. Weston knows what is taking place in the Western side of Canada and I truly hope that he gets wind of the situation with Mr. Hill ( I use this term lightly) straightens it out.

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    Teddy says...

    For the hip guy, t3’s don’t contain enough codeine to treat pain. U’d be better off getting straight codeine and adjusting your acetaminophen dose accordingly. T3’s also contain caffeine, which increase the analgesic activity, but can lead to rebound headaches, great for business but not so much for yourself. As for addiction, selling your soul for more pills, opiates are seldom addicting (maybe 10%~15%). They do cause dependence but weaning negates this problem.

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    Jeremy says...

    That’s Roderick Hill of the Dallas Cowboys, he played for the Winnipeg bluebomers for 5 years. Holds a all time record for most interceptions. First Round drafted pick. He can give bad service if he wants. He’s a legend.

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    Ryan Thomas says...

    This Rod Hill guy is in Winnipeg managing the Superstore on Bison drive now. People are working like robots. Does this guy even have any management experience??? Just because he played football does not mean he can manage a grocery store. This guy has the dumbest rules

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    Ty Marion says...

    Rod Hill is a very good manager, good communication skills and a nice guy in general. Hes a very motivational person. Employees love working for this guy!

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    Val says...

    Im guessing Rod Hill is at the McPhillips store now cause just saw him there today! Friendly smile and all! If hes the manager there now good cause i didnt particularly like the one that was here when i first started shopping there! Good Luck Rod Hill! :-)

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    Sam Crang says...

    Rod Hill thinks hes all that cause he was a football playa. hes nothing more than an idiot that no one likes at 80 superstore bision dr

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    David Borris says...

    Rod Hill is manager that has no clue about the grocery business.

    He just sits around and barks orders.

    I guess all the roids he took in football is effecting he temper!!!

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