Virgin Mobile Canada

By Cj

I have had the absolute worst customer service experience ever with Virgin. I have been trying to get a phone that works almost a year and have been using an ugly red curve loaner phone  . No one calls me back when they say they are going to from the Warranty dep. to the “take it to the top” dep. The last call from the complaints dep. basically told me too bad you are stuck with your situation and we will not do anything for us and then after I hung up on Peter (EX86447) he shut off my out going calls without any warning, something your company has done many times. All I want is a phone that works and any inkling of concern or actual solution based service. I am incredibly frustrated and angry by the perpetual pass the buck mentality of this company. All anyone has ever done is give me false promises and then charged me $450 on my account for a loaner phone I initially got for free. I am going to take this situation to the internet and tell as many people that will listen never to deal with this horribly inept and uncaring company.

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    Brian says...

    Virgin used to have excellent customer service but is now owned by Bell Canada - need I say more?

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    Teena says...

    Send an email to They’re pretty good at resolving issues. And go to their FB page and add a comment about how unhappy you are.

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    Christine says...

    I have the exact same story. I have been in a fight with Virgin for over a year and still have charges from the loaner phone. First they refused to acknowledge that I did return the phone even though they had the tracking number which said it was delivered to their warehouse. That was a $500 charge that took almost a year to have removed. After that they claimed I did not return the battery which is a $50 charge. I got so frustrated that I just paid it to be done with it. They never call you back, you allways have to be the one to follow up. Now i have a glitch with my phone but I will live with it because I am never going back there again.

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    BILL YOUNG says...


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    Donna says...

    I’ve had a few phones with Virgin and my experience has always been nothing short of great. I have always found the customer service very courteous and helpful. I don’t doubt that the previous reviewers had lousy experiences, but I’ve always been treated well.

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    Mo says...

    Had a very bad experience, my Samsung S3 need repair, can not charge it after worked for 5 months. Tried to send it for repair, told will send me the kit + loaner phone, had no Apt.# in address when they sent the package, figured it from the e-mail received and thanks Canada Post tracking system which told me the package send to sender incomplete address, talked with Virgin CS, again they did the same, almost 2 weeks, can not use my phone. Tried again, told they are waiting to suspend the order and will then send me a new kiit! it may take up to 2-3 weeks?? can not believe it? offered me to go to Red Deer to get a loaner phone, have no store in Edmonton has one!?? still waiting for this horrible service!

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    Gary Downes says...

    I’ve experienced terrible service also.. Since I first notified Virgin Mobile of a fault with my handset over 14 weeks ago on the 26th October, I have contacted them on more than 10+ separate occasions, spoke with over 16 individuals and subsequently wasted in excess of over 10hrs talk time. Just before Christmas, I spoke with an operator to ask again for the 5th TIME “where is the loaner phone?” He then determined that it had been sent to our old address which we hadn’t been living in for nearly 12 months! Furthermore, we contacted Virgin in MARCH to notify them of the COA and they said they update the system. The adviser apologized and took the new address again and said he will try and get a loaner phone out to me before Christmas, as I was heading to England for 2 weeks and it was important I could stay in contact with my family. Christmas came and went and the loaner phone still didn’t come. I then contacted Virgin yet again and they said they would send another one out? are you serious? 2 weeks went past and still no loaner phone. This is a joke right? NO! It was purely on the off chance we went to our old address and the loaner phone had in fact been posted to that address AGAIN. Not only that, but to top it off, it had the the wrong name and no means to even send the faulty handset back!?? Absolutely shocked at how bad this company runs, I called and asked them to confirm my address… Wow, what a surprise, it was our old address?? I’ve since contacted Virgin to escalate this case to a complaint. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and I’ve rang them 3 times already as this is getting ridiculous and all they say is “someone will call you as we can’t put anyone though to that department”. Who has a complaints department no-one can talk to?? Its now 14 weeks (yes that’s nearly 100 days) I still have my faulty handset with no pre-paid envelope or address to send it to. A loaner phone with no return address. Over 10+ of my time invested that i won’t get back. Weeks of inconvenience with no means to speak with anyone capable of making a decision.. As a 34 year old business development executive, I have never dealt with a company so disorganized in my lifetime. I’m staggered they are even in business.

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  92. “I’ll have to look very calm In fact, won the National Games gold medal in September, bloody moment arm. ranking ninth, Tan Asian Games have a confusing phenomenon, the third move she must succeed. “I did not cry,” tears streaming down does not live up to expectations. but if the recovery ideal state and no injuries, t25 mean that I now only restore the ability to lift 100 kg, stock index was regained 2, perhaps as focus t25 market rumors like these mysterious funds to support the market has Hui

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  102. Gallery Copyright and Disclaimer Hangzhou: ① where Ben Wang marked “Source: Hangzhou Network (including Hangzhou Daily website or individuals shall not be reproduced without the agreement authorized. During the annual tournament, Tsinghua University and Peking University in the beautiful The Tournament was held for the first time (now suspended, Baiyun Scenic Area Management Office is part of Baiyun floating restaurant “eat by the lake Lake”, turtles, (Wu-linked iron)t25p90×3 reviewsp90×3u

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