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Update on Problem at Jean Coutu

By sarchambaultUpdate on the problem with the printable coupons at Jean Coutu.(Orleans, ON.) The following day I returned to purchase some Old Spice (rain check) with flyer coupons. They too were refused, I was only permitted to use them at the full product price. I left reasuring them I would not return to that store. I also contacted Jean Coutu via email (Corporate Office) once again and explained this second issue with coupons. I am pleased to say I received a phone call from the Regional Manager and he assured me I could use printable as well as flyer coupons, also he would be contacting this store first thing Monday and speaking with the manager to have the staff educated on their coupon policy.

I was quite pleased.


Problem with Coupon at Jean Coutu

By sarchambault

This is new to me. I went to Jean Coutu (Orleans, ON.) today to use a $2.00 Stayfree coupon (Printable) for the same product on sale for $2.49. They reveiwed the coupon, called the manager and told me because the coupon says “will reimburse you for the coupon’s face value” (them explaining this means not a product on sale). I tried to reason with them explaining they were misunderstanding the coupon. They refused to assist me.

I called J&J when I was back home and they reasured me that Jean Coutu was incorrect in making that decision but it is up to the individual store. They also suggested I have the company call J&J while I was there and they would explain to them how a coupon actually works.

Hope this helps somebody.