Problem with Coupon at Jean Coutu

By sarchambault

This is new to me. I went to Jean Coutu (Orleans, ON.) today to use a $2.00 Stayfree coupon (Printable) for the same product on sale for $2.49. They reveiwed the coupon, called the manager and told me because the coupon says “will reimburse you for the coupon’s face value” (them explaining this means not a product on sale). I tried to reason with them explaining they were misunderstanding the coupon. They refused to assist me.

I called J&J when I was back home and they reasured me that Jean Coutu was incorrect in making that decision but it is up to the individual store. They also suggested I have the company call J&J while I was there and they would explain to them how a coupon actually works.

Hope this helps somebody.

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    Mel says...

    I had a problem with Johnsons FPC, stating that it was not valid in QC, even though it did NOT say that and the coupon was bilingual. I don’t know why they are being so difficult with coupons lately.

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    ange410 says...

    About 3-4 weeks ago I was at the Jean Coutu on Saint-Rene Ouest in Gatineau and tried to buy 1 bottle of Sunlight liquid laundry detergent and use a $1 off Sunlight coupon from, and 1 bottle of Sunlight Green Clean liquid laundry detergent and use a $1 off Green Clean tear pad coupon. Two DIFFERENT products, two DIFFERENT coupons. The cashier refused, indicating that I could not based on the “cannot be combined with any other offers” line on the coupons. Excuse me?! So I only bought 1 bottle. The following day I went to the Jean Coutu on Greber in Gatineau and tried to buy a bottle of Sunlight liquid laundry detergent and use my coupon for $1 off. The cashier informed me that because the Sunlight was on sale, I could NOT use a coupon because the coupon could not “be combined with any other offer”. I left the store without any of my purchases. I can’t believe that they were just voted Canada’s favourite company.

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    Jeanine says...

    Does the coupon not say for REGULAR price item only. So this does not include it being on sale?

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    ange410 says...

    Nope - I have 3 different types of Sunlight coupons and not a single one of them specifies REGULAR price items.

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