Terrible Service at Classy Auto Kitchener

By Setsuko

I brought my car to Classy Auto for a brakes and rotors job. I was told it would take 1.5 hours. I returned after that 2 hours to find my car unfinished. I was told that something was seized. I continued to wait, asking what was happening another hour later. I was told “He’s working on it, he’s working on it”. I remained at the shop the majority of the time, leaving occasionally for food or a drink. At no point was I approached to be made aware of the situation with my car. I felt I was receiving unclear and vague responses to my questions. I waited for my car for 7 hours before my husband arrived. At that point he investigated the situation with the car and quickly discovered that the mechanic was attempting the wrong method to push in the caliper. He then had to demonstrate how to push it in and the mechanic replied with “Oh! That’s how it works”. A ‘licensed’ shop should know how to replace brakes and rotors, in less than 7 hours and without assistance from a non-mechanic.

They were also using incorrect tools. I demanded a receipt and the owner then said “Well then there is going to be tax on it”. I spent a total of 7.5 hours waiting for my car, without apology or explanation. I received an apology as I walked out the door AFTER stating I will be reporting it to BBB Canada. It was extremely unprofessional, inconsiderate and cost me a day off work. At this point I would question the authenticity of the “mechanic’s” certification and the shop’s legitimacy.

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