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Bed Bath and Beyond Richmond: Horrible Return

By Sunny

On Jun 23 I went to the BB&B in Richmond Hill, ON to return an item.  I stood at the return counter waiting for my turn as the store employee was helping someone else.
Stood up at the return counter only to have another “customer” jump the line. The employee behind the desk made no attempt to explain or apologize. The customer was beyond rude, telling me “I didn’t know the situation”.  She was right I didn’t but instead of giving me stink attitude she could have explained but whatever.  The last straw came when she actually started cashing out her cart full of  purchases.

After 5+ minutes a cashier took me to a sales counter to do my return.

While passing by the returns desk on my way out it was made known to me that the “customer” that jumped the line is actually an employee of the store.

I am not impressed.

I emailed BB&B to let them know about this situation.  Heard back from the district sales manager who thanked me for informing them of this need to re-train their staff.  And that was it.  In the past other companies have offered me discounts or gift cards … so I am still not impressed.


Virgin Mobile Canada

By Cj

I have had the absolute worst customer service experience ever with Virgin. I have been trying to get a phone that works almost a year and have been using an ugly red curve loaner phone  . No one calls me back when they say they are going to from the Warranty dep. to the “take it to the top” dep. The last call from the complaints dep. basically told me too bad you are stuck with your situation and we will not do anything for us and then after I hung up on Peter (EX86447) he shut off my out going calls without any warning, something your company has done many times. All I want is a phone that works and any inkling of concern or actual solution based service. I am incredibly frustrated and angry by the perpetual pass the buck mentality of this company. All anyone has ever done is give me false promises and then charged me $450 on my account for a loaner phone I initially got for free. I am going to take this situation to the internet and tell as many people that will listen never to deal with this horribly inept and uncaring company.


Beyond The Rack: Just Terrible

By Jarry

I’ve been shopping with beyondtherack and spent quite a lot. Then once, I had to return tops that were too small. Heck! They didn’t wanna give me store credit, gave me lousy reasons for not being able to give it back to me. I got so stressed, I wasted my time and energy calling and explaining. In the end, they kept my $150 and I never went back!
There are better retailers than this greedy company. Since then I’ve been shopping in eBay as they have buyer protection there and I’ve never lost a single cent!

Beyondtherack should treat customers better. Customers should be able to return items, without going through hell.


Bayview Metals

Bayview metals have done an excellent job for setting up the cabinet in our kitchen and bathroom. They have created a convenient storage area with which we have enough space to move around than before. The kitchen cabinet is designed to match the theme of kitchen interiors. The kitchen looks better and clean because the bowls, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, pots and glasses are all organized with the new storage space. There is no hassle in finding the items around since everything is placed in appropriate places. Also the bathroom shelves are constructed with stainless steel so that it lasts longer. The idea was suggested by Bayview metals team and we truly thank them.
It is my pleasure to say that Bayview Metals are perfect in designing and fabrication of any metal product. They offer products at competitive price and assure on-time delivery.  The consultation team is very cooperative and will never leave you unanswered. There is no worry about the quality because they check for the quality at each and every step of the manufacturing process. We are very pleased with their services. So while remodeling your kitchen, I personally recommend using Bayview metals because they can meet your needs for sure. They provide products that suit well in any kitchen space.


Frankies In Uxbridge Canada

By Sue

While I know most reviews are for big chain stores, wanted to say something for the little, local guys. Are family shops often in Port Huron for things such as clothing, shoes and even groceries. When the cost if a quarter of what it would be at home, it makes economic sense. HOWEVER, we do try very hard to shop in locally owned stores when we shop at home (London) or away from home (visiting relatives). Frankies in Uxbridge was one of those places and such a treasure. Their entire line is gluten-free and their staff and the owner we super delightful and answered so many questions. (Oh, where were these places 20 years ago, eh?) Our visit to Uxbridge and to Frankies that there are people who love what they do and that energy and quality is worth paying for. She apparently also has a restaurant there which we’ll stop in next time we’re in Uxbridge.


Disneyworld Great Time

By Dave

We recently went to DisneyWorld (Wife and 2 kids(3 and 5). We had a great time, great weather, great condo we rented. One thing that I loved about Disney is that when something goes wrong they fix it right away to minimize customer frustration. I think most people realize that companies, etc will make mistakes and accidents happen, but it is how they handle them is where a lot of companies screw up. I have 2 examples at Disney where they fixed the problems. The Tram we were waiting for broke down, they quickly called for another one, took the broke one away, and it minimized the delay. Still we had a few people grumble that it took too long, but I was impressed that it only took 5 mins or so. The next example was with their Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios. We got to the show about 11:15 for and 11:30 show to get a good seat. We got a pretty good seat and waited, my daughter who is 3 was very excited to see the show. At 11:35 they announced that the show was can
celled due to “technical difficulties”. We heard a few tears from some kids, including ours as we started to leave the seats. Then the curtain pulled back and the whole cast was there and waved to the crowd for the length of playing the song “Beauty and the Beast” 2 times. My daughter beamed seeing the characters and most of the kids seemed ok with the cancellation. Again a few of the parents complained, but I thought Disney made the best out of a bad situation. Some companies can learn from Disney that some of the little things do make a difference. I know Disney gets a lot of slack with the release of their DVD’s, etc but with running a big company you still need to pay attention to the little details to make the customers happy.


Home Master Lawn Care Guelph Ontario: Scammed

By: Got Burnt

We hired these guys (Kam was the person-in-charge) to remove bushes and weeds from our lawn. One guy came the next evening, pull out some weeds for 15 mins and left them all on our lawn, saying that their team will be here the very next morning to clean it all up. They didn’t show up till 4 days later. I had to clean it up myself as it was a real eye-sore. When they finally showed up, with excuses that Kam had to go for operation.. and some tools were broken… but seem genuinely apologetic, so okay, I’ll give them a second chance. They then sprayed some chemical on my lawn, saying that it will surely kill the weeds. I was shocked when Kam told me the ‘trick’ to it, is adding petrol to the weed-killer. My entire lawn is ‘burned’ to crisp! I demanded he fix it but he insisted it was my fault for not watering the lawn every 6 hours daily, for a month!

I was so upset, I didn’t want anything to do with them anymore, so I paid them to leave.
(partly because I was afraid they can be evil & harm me or my house later.)

So to everyone who is reading this, PLEASE post this on your blog or other review sites, hopefully these con people can be put out of business.


Staples Canada: Great Service Praise

By Anne

On Sunday June 24th, I had a very enjoyable shopping experience at my local Staples Office Supply Store. I have medical issues, and I am in a lot of pain, so I like to shop as quickly as I can and get home.  When I entered the store I was greeted right away and asked if I wished to have an assistant to help me.  I had made my  shopping list the night before, so this was wonderful. I could read the list and she brought me the items. This made my  whole experience so much more enjoyable as I could rest with the cart and it enabled me to be finished much quicker. All of the staff at this store were helpful and polite. It is Stores and Employees like this, that bring back satisfied customers, who in turn, tell their  friends and family.I hope the Staples Company of Canada as a whole, will consider putting in electric carts just as other Big Name Stores already have. There are many  illnesses and disabilities in our communities which reach across all age groups. This prohibits some o
f our choices in where we bring our business. This is one customer who will definitely be back. Thank you Staples Employees.


Shaw Canada: Very Unhappy

By Unhappy

I thought I’d done a lot of research before choosing Shaw to bundle my phone, internet & tv, but one can never predict the after-installation customer service experience.  I sure can’t believe that in the one month I’ve been with them, I had one question on how my remote worked (it’s not on the website, too new or something like that) and a request to add more channels (you’d think they want to get more of my business). Anyhow, the first matter took me 2 hours of being hung up on by their system, until I was finally berated, lied to, insulted and patronized by a rude supervisor named Mark, then he hung up on me.  I gave up on the question, and figured I’d figure out how to use the functions somehow, someday. Because I’m locked into a 3 yr purchase plan for equipment I can’t nuke them, or I would have.  Instead, all I can do is tell anyone and everyone I speak to about my horrible experiences and hopefully warn trusting customers away (who don’t like to be argued with, yelled
at or abused).  Second time, I tried to add 2 channels and I was told it would cost me $20 a month.  The attitude of the service agent was so unhelpful and so rude.  Again, I’m kicking myself for  signing on with Shaw.  Maybe at some point I’ll get a good enough deal from a competitor that I won’t care about paying for equipment I’ll never use and just ditch them.  It’s probably going to happen that way, eventually.


Penningtons Canada: Georgian Mall Great Experience

For the first time on June 16th, 2012 at around 3pm I went into the Georgian Mall, Barrie Pennington’s location which I just found out about. I was helped by two very lovely, nice, kind ladies who helped me try on some pants, look at Capri’s and find a shirt that I saw on-line. I am trying to get out of my maternity pants and the representative was very understanding of my situation and although wasn’t in my situation understood my needs and made me feel at ease when I was explaining that I am uncomfortable in many Capris and pants that I have tried on in the past. Although, the pants and Capris did not fit I did end up purchasing two shirts from this location and will return because of the positive customer experience I received. A great experience! Thanks, Billie Jo.


Reitmans Canada: Comfort Fit Jeans

By Penny

I’ve always been a fan of Reitmans’ Comfort Fit Jeans. They are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever bought and, I have added their capri lengths to my wardrobe.

The one thing I haven’t been able to find are shorts that don’t bunch between the thighs in Plus sizes. I’d almost given up on finding  shorts until one day I was in Reitmans and, I was just about to walk out when a very helpful sales clerk asked me what I was looking for. I said I was looking for shorts and,  she took me over to the Plus section at the back corner of the store(but that’s another rant), and showed me the shorts she had. She explained to me that they had a lot of Plus size  clothing in a small section of the store so it can be hard to find what you are looking for. I was able to find a pair of shorts that fit and that was the first pair of shorts I’ve found in years.

Now, if they could just move the Plus size clothes from the back corner of the store!


Ups Canada: Great Experience

By Wendymac

Like many people who have home businesses, I have a mailbox for business purposes that allows me to have an address that reads “Suite XXX.” It looks more professional than a home address with an office in the garage…which is my reality. So I was upset when my UPS mailbox store put a notice in my box saying that I would have to notify everyone that my address was changing to read PMS XXX. The notice came from UPS headquarters and it blamed the Post Office and new “sorting requirement” for the change in policy

I called UPS headquarters to ask for the notification of new policy that they had received from Canada Post because I wanted to complain and to get clarification — e.g. could I put a # sign rather than PMS in front of the mailbox number? They were wretched in terms of how long it took to respond, the vagueness of their response and the fact that, ultimately, they passed my query off to the local mailbox as a “complaint” and a complaint against them. I like my local UPS store manager! She is great and eccentric and always friendly.  I resent headquarters for making tension where none exists.

Anyway, I called Canada Post and talked to a very pleasant man who knew nothing of the new sorting policy. He looked into the matter and called me back the same day to say that no one at Canada Post knew anything about demanding PMS on post office boxes. So it was entirely a decision of UPS headquarters who outright lied about the reason for that decision.

My local UPS manager was terrific. She wrote a scathing letter to headquarters, advocating for people like me who have home businesses. Yeah her!

BTW, UPS has retracted the demand for PMS on addresses. I know because she put a copy of it in my box. I like this woman.  Whew. Do you know how many people/businesses I would have had to contact to correct mailing addresses?


Avasappletree Baby Carriers

I was shopping for a new baby carrier about a month ago that I saw on a mom at my neighborhood park.  After googling the brand I found out that it was only available at one store in Ontario.  Since I don’t live nearby I checked out their website
The website was clear and well organized.  But I did notice some differences in the info between the American and Canadian sites (sizing etc.) so before placing my order I called the store and left a message.  The woman called back in under half an hour after having researched my query.  She gave me the correct info and stated that she was so sorry for the error on her website.  I then went online to order the product and I noticed that she had already corrected the mistake online.  I placed my order and it was shipped that very same day.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this store for any and all purchases.  It was a great experience


Groupon Canada Praise

By Ave

I’ve used the Groupon app a few times for the Now Deals. It is very convenient as long as I have a credit card linked to the account. I can just click “buy now” to get a Now Deal (usually I get restaurant ones) but if I don’t end up going to the restaurant Groupon refunded the money to my credit card on the same day. If you have a smart phone I suggest hitting the Buy Now button when you actually arrive at the restaurant that way you know you will be using it within the time period. I’ve also had a few questions about the deals and Groupon replies very quickly.


Joe Fresh Canada Horrid Customer Service Rep

By Hurtful daddy

Today is Father’s Day. After having a wonderful breakfast with my wife and kids ( 4 & 7 yrs old), we went to RCS Store, Highland & Fisberhallman, Kitchener to exchange a clothing  item for my wife. When we are at the  Joe Fresh cashier’s desk almost at the same time two more customers (most likely rep’s acquaintance ) came there with 20+ just grocery items. Cashier was ringing those items and was chatting like people do at home. We were three customers waiting in line with just clothing items. Since she was talking and ringing her friend’s grocery items, so I requested her if she can call for help and she called for help. The lady who came told me that she can’t ring for return/exchange as other girl was using for ringing grocery items. Before I say anything to her, she called for the next customer. I have not moved from in front of her when she called next person. Lady behind me also felt that new rep just ignored me and requested if they can switch the register. I, then aske
d the lady why is she calling other customer when I am not done. The customers who were getting their groceries (rep’s friends) started saying like…I also work in the retail and I know there are some bitchy customers like you ( pointing me). I felt more upset and humiliated in front of my family, so I just said…excuse me you are crossing your limit…besides, I am not talking to you ( customer - rep’s friend). My 7 years old son felt so bad seeing this that he hide behind clothing rack and started crying.

I thought I should report to this store manager and requested if she can call her manager/supervisor. The supervisor of Joe Fresh came to me and asked what my company is. While I was talking to her , store manager also came and I explained the whole situation. Store manager and Joe Fresh supervisor both agreed that represent should not be doing what she did with me. Store manager also told me that she will make sure Joe Fresh rep doesn’t ring grocery items while keeping their primary customers (clothing customers) waiting in the line.

I am not sure what she will do as I’ll not go back to RCS in future. I have PC’s many services (mastercard, Banking, & mortgage) for last 7/8 years; not only that, I’m their one of those valuable customers specially with their banking division according to the PC Financial.

I felt like I was treated like that because I’m an immigrant and those reps and their friend’s are not. So, I am not expecting to many changes on RCS side but I will first cancel my mastercard and the other services slowly. I just needed to express my feelings so that others don’t have to…

Sorry for writing such a long story.


Hurtful Daddy

Happy Father’s Day
June 17,2012