Staples Canada: Great Service Praise

By Anne

On Sunday June 24th, I had a very enjoyable shopping experience at my local Staples Office Supply Store. I have medical issues, and I am in a lot of pain, so I like to shop as quickly as I can and get home.  When I entered the store I was greeted right away and asked if I wished to have an assistant to help me.  I had made my  shopping list the night before, so this was wonderful. I could read the list and she brought me the items. This made my  whole experience so much more enjoyable as I could rest with the cart and it enabled me to be finished much quicker. All of the staff at this store were helpful and polite. It is Stores and Employees like this, that bring back satisfied customers, who in turn, tell their  friends and family.I hope the Staples Company of Canada as a whole, will consider putting in electric carts just as other Big Name Stores already have. There are many  illnesses and disabilities in our communities which reach across all age groups. This prohibits some o
f our choices in where we bring our business. This is one customer who will definitely be back. Thank you Staples Employees.

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