Home Master Lawn Care Guelph Ontario: Scammed

By: Got Burnt

We hired these guys (Kam was the person-in-charge) to remove bushes and weeds from our lawn. One guy came the next evening, pull out some weeds for 15 mins and left them all on our lawn, saying that their team will be here the very next morning to clean it all up. They didn’t show up till 4 days later. I had to clean it up myself as it was a real eye-sore. When they finally showed up, with excuses that Kam had to go for operation.. and some tools were broken… but seem genuinely apologetic, so okay, I’ll give them a second chance. They then sprayed some chemical on my lawn, saying that it will surely kill the weeds. I was shocked when Kam told me the ‘trick’ to it, is adding petrol to the weed-killer. My entire lawn is ‘burned’ to crisp! I demanded he fix it but he insisted it was my fault for not watering the lawn every 6 hours daily, for a month!

I was so upset, I didn’t want anything to do with them anymore, so I paid them to leave.
(partly because I was afraid they can be evil & harm me or my house later.)

So to everyone who is reading this, PLEASE post this on your blog or other review sites, hopefully these con people can be put out of business.

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