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Team Buy Canada Fustrations

By Lisa
Is it just me or have other people had less than favorable experiences with Team Buy? I am batting 0 for 2. Both services I bought from them were either unreliable (no show house cleaning) or no longer in existence (or maybe never really did exist). I used one of my ‘credits’ to purchase a product from them and that was over a month ago now and nothing. So maybe I am 0 for 3….
Team buy offers me credits back on my account which I do not understand..I paid MONEY for these non existent services and got credit in return from a website that has unreliable vendors. I do not understand the logic…The credits are no good if their vendors can not provide the services that are paid for. I am really unimpressed and want to know if any one has had success in getting their money back from TEAM BUY or if they are also stuck with these useless credits….


Team Buy Finally Refunded Me

By mandolinatou

I bought a certificate in June from team buy for laser hair removal at “Laser sont nous” in was an unlimited 12 month deal and I planned to start using it in September. The end of August rolled around so I started trying to call to schedule my first appointment. The place I got the 275 dollar certificate from would answer the phone and put me on hold for 15-20 minutes. If I hung up and redialed they would answer and again put me on hold until I hung up. I never got to schedule an appointment. They changed their name and made another round of certificates in September. I kept trying to call…and kept getting put on hold (morning, afternoon, later afternoon). I never got an appointment. I complained in writing 4 times with team buy and called team buy once. I am finally being told that I am being issued a refund from Team Buy. It’s my first bad group buying experience. I am happy to get the refund….but I felt it was a lot of hassle to get my money back.

I have no doubt this laser hair company was purposely over-compacity….buyer beware with larger purchases and any laser hair places located in Dorval.