Team Buy Canada Fustrations

By Lisa
Is it just me or have other people had less than favorable experiences with Team Buy? I am batting 0 for 2. Both services I bought from them were either unreliable (no show house cleaning) or no longer in existence (or maybe never really did exist). I used one of my ‘credits’ to purchase a product from them and that was over a month ago now and nothing. So maybe I am 0 for 3….
Team buy offers me credits back on my account which I do not understand..I paid MONEY for these non existent services and got credit in return from a website that has unreliable vendors. I do not understand the logic…The credits are no good if their vendors can not provide the services that are paid for. I am really unimpressed and want to know if any one has had success in getting their money back from TEAM BUY or if they are also stuck with these useless credits….

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    Confuscan says...

    Lisa, if you google around you’ll find a lot of TeamBuy horror stories. However, they are upfront that they only offer refunds within 7 days of purchase. That’s not very good, especially for online coupons. You would have to be pretty foolish to use TeamBuy with a refund policy like that. Consider it a lesson learned and only go with voucher companies that offer much more lenient return policies.

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    Eva says...

    I bought a TeamBuy for a manicure, and when I tried to book it the salon said that the person who did that no longer worked there. Emailed TeamBuy to get a refund, and was ignored. Phoned and was told a refund after 7 days was “technically impossible” and got TeamBuy credits, which I have zero desire for. Definitely feel scammed - the salon should be penalized for not following through with their end of the ‘deal’, but now I’m out money.

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    thatgengirl says...

    I’m 0 for 2 with Team Buy as well. The last time, when they offered “store credit” I told them it was unacceptable and they told me the only other option was to wait 6-8 weeks for a cheque. I told them to send the cheque and close my account. It took 10 weeks to get to me.

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    Ronnie says...

    I can’t believe it. Teambuy has continued to fall down on their promises. I bought a mani-pedi from them. It turned out that the “nail salon” was really a place for students to practice - and without supervision. They ruined my nails. I finally got Teambuy to give me a credit. I tried to use it by buying a restaurant voucher. How could that go wrong? The voucher wasn’t on my account so I couldn’t access it. I let them know and they emailed the voucher to me. I couldn’t open the email and it crashed my computer. I still haven’t gotten the voucher I paid for. I tried one more time to use the rest of my credit. I bought a chimney cleaning that was listed as serving my area. When I called for the appointment, I was told they don’t service my area. I then contacted Teambuy and they said that normally they don’t do anything after 7 days, but in my case, they would give me a credit. But they didn’t. So now I’m out of pocket for a restaurant voucher and a chimney cleaning with no action from Teambuy after contacting them repeatedly. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Kelly says...

    I purchased from Team buy. Purchased Heart Rate monitors that were supposed to arrive in 4-6 weeks. After many e-mails and promises of the order being reshipped they showed up 13 weeks later from Singapore. I was so excited that they finally showed up but the excitement quickly vanished when they didn’t work.
    Teambuy’s response was that it had nothing to do with them and to take it up with the vendor.
    I cannot express how disappointed I am with TeamBuy and after reading the countless bad reviews I guess I can take some solace in the fact that I am not alone in this.

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    Unhappy customer says...

    I, too, would suggest that you avoid “TEAM BUY” because it is a scam. I am contacting my credit card company to report them. I made multiple purchases at once but should have waiting to see what kind of service I will get from them. I bought items for christmas delivery date back in Sept. 2012 but got them after Christmas. I also bought an item in November 2012 and today (March 7, 2013) they told me that the merchant says that it was shipped but I never received it.

    They try to push you off as long as they can possible push you. It was suggested to me by someone that if you contact the merchants directly you will get a good deal because Team Buy charges them 50% of the purchase price and the merchants would rather sell it to you directly and keep the full amount.

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    Kris says...

    I also had a bad experience with TeamBuy. I bought a voucher for a service and the service turned out to be TERRIBLE- not worth what I paid for it./ When I called TeamBuy to request a refund for the voucher, they told me that I was outside the refund period and they would not refund my money. As such, I would not recommend TeamBuy to anyone.

    I had a similar experience with a voucher for a service purchased thru Groupon and they refunded 100% of my money, no questions asked

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    Raabia says...

    Absoulute scam! Beware! I agree with all the reviews here. I bought a YSL touche Eclat on for 19 dollars when it was on deal, and it showed that the expected delivery was 25th May. It has been almost a month overdue and after counteless calls to them and rude customer service telling me to wait “another three days” because the “merchant has shipped the product via canada post on the 29th”, I got a refund.
    I don’t think they tell the truth at all, because how can it take Canada post three weeks to deliver something locally?
    the most interesting part is, they deleted the item from my list of purchases.
    I have been ripped off another time from them, and will NEVER be returning.

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    Barb says...

    This is my first and last purchase from Team Buy Canada. I bought a hair dryer at the beginning of May and here I am at the end of June with no hair dryer, a charge on my credit card for it and no definitive answers from the so-called customer service! They actually had the nerve to ask me not to enquire about my purchase again! Next stop…Mastercard resolutions department and the BBB….ridiculous way to run what they deem to be an honest, customer friendly business!

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