Canadian Tire: Wrong Prices

I called several Canadian tires in my area for an electric grease gun, the one on the website shows a black one with the name UST the product number is 28-2700-8, the one at trinity in Brampton I called the employee went to check for me, and he said he had them he went to check and everything, he said yes it’s the same one, then I drove for an hour to that particular store, and they show me a totally different product, it was red, and had a different name brand, but it had the exact product # that was on the Canadian Tire web site, but a diff grease gun. They were very rude to me, I was not happy about this at all, they did not know what they were doing, and could not help me, this was a very upsetting day.

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    Jagtar says...

    Happens a lot. Buyer be ware. Do your home work take flyer with your items circled and watch cashier scan each item. They have too many lazy workers who must have got their job by connections not by ability to complete a task, and they know they are good for life on that job.

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    boyzmom33 says...

    If the part in the store had the product number you gave them, then it’s possible the website had a description error and it’s not the fault of the store employees…… It’s not a reason for them to be rude to you, but it also means that the employee was correct when you called and gave him the product number, and they did in fact have that product in stock.
    Perhaps you could have spoke with a manager to see what could be done, or contact them via the website, or call the head office to explain what happened??

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    DeeDee says...

    Same story trying to get a DVD player with lots of wasted hours that will not ever get back. Haven’t shopped there since.

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    Mark Reisenauer says...

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