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Horrible Customer Service at Shell Gas Station in Montreal‏

By momof3b

I have been a smart canucks reader for a long time now but this is the first time I decided to join.

This morning ( Jan 2011) I pumped gas and paid for it with my credit card at Shell Canada on 1010 Jarry Ouest, corner L’acadie. The receipt did not come out of the pump so I went inside, said hi to the male cahier and told him in English I need a receipt for my pump purchase. He said in French, straight out I do not understand. He said do you speak French. I am perfectly bilingual but since he attitude was so crappy I said no. He said I do not understand. I said I need the paper receipt for the pump, he was angry now and said I do not understand and did not even try. What you think I am doing in the store after I pumped gas right in front of the window, I wondered. I felt as if I was on candid camera. I could not believe it, he was so rude. I saw someone in the back room and said it again loudly. The person in the back room came out and tried to smooth things over but in the meantime the cashier who refused to speak English was screaming and I mean screaming at me. I could not believe it! I said what is your name (In English) then he said I will not tell you my name (in French) and there it was, he understood everything I said!

He just refused to speak English. I can not believe Shell Canada would hire someone unilingual in an area which is known to have many immigrants who don’t know the language. Or any Shell station for that matter. Also, I get better service in English in the little French towns in Quebec.

I was shaking when I walked out because I could not believe it. I am appalled and will NEVER ever go back to that gas station, even if they sell gas at 5 cents a litre!