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Loblaws Replacing Coffee Machines?

By Anon.

Don’t know if this is happening at all the Loblaws’ stores, but they are replacing the coffee we purchase at the RCSS in Kitchener with a vending machine. The price is basically doubling and vending machine coffee is usually not that great. Customers and staff are up in arms. Why would they do this? Many people will stop purchasing coffee there. Timmie’s business just increased! What a crock! Employees will also lose the use of their discount. Do you realize how many of the staff purchase coffee in a day? in a week? One more reason to go elsewhere.


Great customer Service at Loblaws Queen and Bathurst in Toronto

By Sandra5

In general the staff at this store are super-nice , but this recent great customer service surprised this jaded shopper, so I think it’s worth posting about.
I was out of diet Pepsi-decaf in cans, and these had just gone on sale so I went down. There wasn’t any on the store shelf, so I asked someone on the floor to
check their stock if they had any more. This fellow came back and said he couldn’t find any and I told him too bad since I had walked all the way down with my
little trolley especially to pick this item up as I had completely run out. About 10 minutes later as I was still browsing the store, he came back and said he found some
way in the back on some slats that had not been unpacked and how many did I need. I said two, and in five minutes more he brought me the two cases I needed.
That this guy went the extra mile to double check really surprised me since so often when an item sells out I’m used to being told sorry, that’s all we have.
His special effort really made my day!


Loblaws - Bad Advertisement in Richmond Hill, ON at Yonge & Elgin Mills

By KanukZhoper

On boxing day, Loblaws advertise a 32″ RCA TV for $195 and each store had a min. 4. Got there at opening and was told that they don’t have them, ask for a manager but was told not in yet. Call customer service, they call back a week later and said that the store had 3. So the store assistant manager call me and told me that the manager in charge came in at 9am and sold them. Didn’t like the answer so I ask customer service to have the General manager of the store to call me. STILL WAITING! false advertisement/bad business what ever. Been a customer since this store open over 10 years ago…must look elsewhere!!!


Loblaws Canada No Name French Fries-Allergic To Milk? Avoid These!

By Christys

Loblaws no name crinkle cut french fries
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Nowhere in the ingredient list or on the package does it state that this product contains milk. IT DOES!!
After my 10 month old son almost goes into anaphylactic shock due to a severe milk allergy, I researched the product and discovered unless it states “FRESH CUT” the fries are made with a paste that contains milk. In Canada it is mandatory and REQUIRED BY LAW to list the top 8 food allergens on the package, milk being one of those. Me and my family of 6 will never purchase any product with Loblaws on the package ever again.


A Happy Story with Loblaws

by Screamy

I frequently buy those “make your own pizza” kits with the shells already made as a semi-frugal way of having a “date” night; the BF loves pizza and I just won’t pay $25 for one I can make at home for  less than $5!

I purchased a package of shells at the Queens Quay store and didn’t notice, until I had already cooked it and we were eating, that it had large spots of grey mold on the bottom of one of the shells (which are concealed by a cardboard insert until you open them).  :(

I keep my receipts for everything, and decided to call customer service to let them know, and to see what they would do.  They were just as nice as pie, and apologized profusely.  I told them I wouldn’t be able to get back to the store for almost a month (not having a car is a bit of a pain sometimes) and they told me not to worry about that, they’d refund my money whenever I came in.

I kept the little cardboard insert to show to them (it had little bits of grey fuzz that I hadn’t noticed when I took the shell out) to prove it, and when I showed it to them, the CSR said, you didn’t need to bring that to us, we would have believed you without it!

The whole process took less than two minutes and I was on my way with my $3.99, and I will definitely continue to shop there because they were so great.