Loblaws Canada No Name French Fries-Allergic To Milk? Avoid These!

By Christys

Loblaws no name crinkle cut french fries
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Nowhere in the ingredient list or on the package does it state that this product contains milk. IT DOES!!
After my 10 month old son almost goes into anaphylactic shock due to a severe milk allergy, I researched the product and discovered unless it states “FRESH CUT” the fries are made with a paste that contains milk. In Canada it is mandatory and REQUIRED BY LAW to list the top 8 food allergens on the package, milk being one of those. Me and my family of 6 will never purchase any product with Loblaws on the package ever again.

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    Colsgirl says...

    Thanks for the information, I didn’t know that. I will start looking for ones that say fresh cut from now on.

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    Bri says...

    Did you contact Loblaws about this? If you have not I would HIGHLY reccommend calling them and telling them what happened and that you want the matter resolved immediately and be sure to spread the word to everyone about this product!

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    cookoo says...

    No Name products have been in the news way too often. As the saying goes:”Too much news is bad news.” I don’t trust the brand and never buy anything by it.

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    Customer Relations, Loblaw Companies Limited says...

    Good Afternoon Christys,

    I am a Senior Customer Relations Representative with Loblaw Companies Limited. We recently noticed your posting on Smartcanucks.ca and wanted to respond to you directly. Unfortunately, there was no way to do so, so we have decided to post on this forum. If you would like to contact us directly, we invite you to do so by calling 1-888-495-5111.

    Christys, we were very sorry to learn of your son’s experience and sincerely hope he is feeling better. At Loblaw Companies, the health and safety of our valued customers is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we are diligent in ensuring that all product labeling is compliant with the regulations set out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. As you know, one of these requirements is to list all ingredients, including the presence of known allergens on product packaging and our No Name products certainly abide by this policy. We would like to assure you that the ingredient and allergen information on the packaging of the No Name Crinkle Cut French Fries (upc 060383691486) is accurate, as this product does not contain milk in any form. We can also confirm that dairy ingredients are not used in the manufacturing facility where this product is produced and packaged.

    Please know that Loblaw Companies Limited is deeply committed to upholding your trust in all President’s Choice and No Name products and we take matters involving the safety and quality of our products very seriously. If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relations team at 1-888-495-5111 and we will be more than happy to assist you.


    Customer Relations
    Loblaw Companies Limited

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    Denise Vissers says...

    Thank you for clarifying this for us Loblaws.

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    Alex says...

    It’s good to see a company make an effort to resolve an issue.

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    Natalka says...

    Wow, nice that the company found this and replied here.

    So Christys, hope your child is fine - Did you find out what it was that he got affected by, since it wasn’t the fries?

    It would be nice if you posted an update… and maybe an apology/retraction… some comment.

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    Alee says...

    Something like this happened to my Mom a while back she is severely allergic to Wheat, (she goes into anaphylactic shock) when she has any of it, but anyway I bought these Generic brand “wheat free” potatoe patties,(not loblaw) and nowhere did it say on the package that there was wheat in them, but they sent her into anaphylactic shock and she was in the hospital for ages (good thing we get carecard’s!)

    I hope you son is okay!

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    Alease Brisbone says...

    Wheat allergies are even more common than a lot people think.

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    Brooks Schnepf says...

    We haven’t been listening to our bodies to stop eating when we are satisfied. Additionally, exercise is another technique to increase your metabolism, which, once more, helps you to burn off additional fat in less time.

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    UglyDoris says...

    @ Loblaws - thank you for replying and clarifying the misinformation posted here.
    @ the OP - at the minimum, an apology to Loblaws - and an explanation on how you “researched the product and discovered unless it states “FRESH CUT” the fries are made with a paste that contains milk”.
    Otherwise, your post just discredits everything as a troll board.

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