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Today I had to Fight with Telus and Won!

by dealsniffer

Oooooh I am sooo mad at Telus still! 3 months ago I decided to phone and find out what web sites I could visit because I had this 100 partner sites included in my spark 11 plan. The guy told me and I visited a couple and was charged $8.45. Phoned back the next month and talked to a lady who told me she would do stuff for me so I would be credited the 8.45 and also get a new plan that included unlimited web browsing for the same price I was paying for spark 11. I was told the reason there was problems was because spark 11 was discontinued and whatever and I would need to be upgraded to avoid more phone calls to them. I was soooo happy about the great customer service…until the bill today! Charged full price for new plan and over $30 for web browsing! WHAT??? So back on the phone and fought with one guy for quite awhile about the whole thing and I guess he was not allowed to do what she did anyways and he completely screwed things up. I asked him what he was going to do to  make me happy outright and he said there was nothing he could or would do. I was now so much more upset and I demanded to speak to someone who would do something to keep me happy and fix this. So he finally got someone who gave me a whole year of the better plan for free. I am not jumping up and down yet because I am waiting to see if this actually happens and if I need to phone back again. Each time I am assured I won’t have to phone back. I don’t quite trust what they tell me anymore. I will believe it when I see it and let people know if this actually happens. But it goes to show that you can get more accomplished if you ask to talk to someone higher up.