Today I had to Fight with Telus and Won!

by dealsniffer

Oooooh I am sooo mad at Telus still! 3 months ago I decided to phone and find out what web sites I could visit because I had this 100 partner sites included in my spark 11 plan. The guy told me and I visited a couple and was charged $8.45. Phoned back the next month and talked to a lady who told me she would do stuff for me so I would be credited the 8.45 and also get a new plan that included unlimited web browsing for the same price I was paying for spark 11. I was told the reason there was problems was because spark 11 was discontinued and whatever and I would need to be upgraded to avoid more phone calls to them. I was soooo happy about the great customer service…until the bill today! Charged full price for new plan and over $30 for web browsing! WHAT??? So back on the phone and fought with one guy for quite awhile about the whole thing and I guess he was not allowed to do what she did anyways and he completely screwed things up. I asked him what he was going to do to  make me happy outright and he said there was nothing he could or would do. I was now so much more upset and I demanded to speak to someone who would do something to keep me happy and fix this. So he finally got someone who gave me a whole year of the better plan for free. I am not jumping up and down yet because I am waiting to see if this actually happens and if I need to phone back again. Each time I am assured I won’t have to phone back. I don’t quite trust what they tell me anymore. I will believe it when I see it and let people know if this actually happens. But it goes to show that you can get more accomplished if you ask to talk to someone higher up.

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    websphereguy says...

    What a story. Thanks for sharing. Make me more aware of what Telus is up to and also my Telus bill.

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    Dave Thomas says...

    That’s because the people your speaking with just want to get rid of you and ‘forget’ to enter notes on to your file. Telus is great for this, I wouldn’t trust anything they say until it’s in writing, next time ask them to fax you a copy of the offer/print out of your screen notes and see what kind of a response you get.

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    Jennifer says...

    Good to hear someone else is standing up to them. I fought them for 1.5 years about a modem they never sent me, but wanted to charge me for. Sent me to collections for $300 and then ended up owing me $25!

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    Diddy says...

    good job! when dealing with phone companies you should always ask for a supervisor it is your LEGAL right if they refuse to give you a supervisor they are breaking the law. When you are connected with said supervisor you will usually get your way as they don’t like listening to customers as this rarely happens so they will give you what you want just to get you off the line. On another note this is cute, I have been told that when you are on hold if you curse into the phone it is recorded and you are bumped up on the waiting list to resolve the problem before you explode, try it LOL

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    Diddy says...

    I should note that once the employee is on the line stop cursing LOL it will get you nowhere LOL

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