Don’t Buy Event Tickets from Metropolis Records Toronto

by FunkyMunky

Just thought I’d share this with anyone who ever bought or will be thinking of purchasing event tickets from Metropolis Records store at Queen and Spadina in Toronto - DON’T!

I have purchased a ticket with a face value of $40 for $50 for an event that was later canceled (The Don Jail party, if anyone knows about it). The guy has refused to reimburse the full amount, claiming that $10 difference was his service charge. Other stores had a service charge between $5 and $8 and have been refunding the full amounts, as I was informed by other party-goers. This guy caused so much drama for me, it’s not even funny.

Please do not purchase event tickets from him ever again! His name is Ali and his business name is Remix AV.

5 Responses to “Don’t Buy Event Tickets from Metropolis Records Toronto”

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    matty says...

    Yeah this guy is an a**hole
    Worst customer service ever, only concerned about making a quick buck.
    Unless you have no other options, stay away

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    FunkyMunky says...

    yeah it’s was an embarrasment - I had to get one of promoters involved and the guy was just bs’ing on the spot, he freaking has a nerve talk to me like I’m some street bum begging for my OWN money.

    speaking of stores that sell tix - Play Da Record is the best place to go.

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    AJ says...

    That sucks!

    Hey you’re cute, btw….

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    FunkyMunky says...

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    MISSTHANG says...

    really thats intersting because im still holding on to mine and everytime i go to metropolis records its closed. i bought them off ALI as well , he better not give me a problem my uncal is sargent john corbett with 52 divison and hell get my money back ……. WATCH OUT ALI YOU BETTER GIVE WHAT PPL PAID WHAT YOU CHARGED THEM NOT THE face value YOUR HEADED UP SHITS CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE BUDDY!!!!IGNORANT AND GREDDY ARAB!!!!

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