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Winners: Dissapointed at Return

By Beverley

I purchased an outfit from Winners in advance of a Birthday party my daughter would be attending.  It fit nicely and so the tags were removed so that she could wear it to the occasion.  The next time she was to wear it she noticed that the entire lower seam had frayed so that it could not be repaired.  I searched for the receipt and took it back to the store well over the 10 day exchange policy.  The lady at the counter kept me waiting 30 minutes while her and another clerk searched for the item which of course was no longer in stock.  I shop at Winners a lot and I had purchased a dress for my other daughter at the same price at the same time.  After making me wait for that length of time they entered the SKU on the receipt which identified the item clearly as not the colour or style of the item I was returning.  They told me I could get a gift card if I had the correct receipt.  I have several issues:  They could of entered the SKU right away to confirm if it was the correct  receipt for the item and they should be willing to give a refund if the item is defective…….they should have offered some remedy for the defective clothing including reporting the manufacturer to the buyer at their head office.  I shop at Winners a lot but the way I was treated by the customer service staff at this location turned me off shopping at their stores.  It is difficult to get teenagers to shop at anything but the stores their friends shop at.  After this episode I don’t think they are going to wear anything from Winners again.
I am really disappointed that Winners does not care enough about their customers to try to keep them happy.  Bad Business.


Great Experience at Winners

By Winners Great Experience

I have probably bought 4 electronics in my life at winners and each time I ask myself why did I do that. They break really easily in my experience. I bought JVC gummy headphones there and found they broke within a month. I was pretty bummed. I never keep receipts so i figured it was a wash. I also changed up jobs and needed proper work attire and I find winners has nice work clothes and so I hit the clearance rack…scoring several nice pieces that added up to over 100 dollars. i had my broken head phones on me and complained when I paid that I never keep my receipts but bought these here less than a month ago. I went on to say I just paid over 100 dollars in product. Is there anyway you’d be nice and replace them. The woman looked at my headphones and apologized and gave me a nicer pair than I had purchased. I was very pleased.


Winners Didn’t Honour Tag Price

By Mercedy

I went shopping at Winners (at wem)yesterday and found this cute dress for work, it was in the clearance section Reg price $29.99 marked down to $12.99. I hardly find dresses that fit me right and the price was even better. I went to pay for it and the Cashier said that the “red clearance sticker” price was wrong and continued to look at me like I switched it!! He found the “correct price” which was $24.99, how is that a clearance price??!! I told him that was mis advertising a price and I should get it for the sticker price, he rolled his eyes at me and said “well we cant babysit the evening price clerks, do you want the dress or not?”……..I ended up not buying the dress and I am very disappointed in Winners.


Winners…Not Such A Winner


I went shopping for green coloured clothing for my daughter for a play she is performing in on Wednesday. She is going to be a frog. It isn’t easy to find that colour for clothing for girls. I bought this one outfit at Winners, because although it had white bottoms, the top was cute and it was green, and I figured she could wear it this summer too, so it wouldn’t be an entire waste of money. Well, shortly after purchasing it, I went into another store and they had green yoga pants and jacket…perfect!! The perfect green too! My baby REALLY cranky at this point, so I sat down to feed her/play with her, and sent hubby back to return the original outfit from Winners, since I no longer needed it. I paid by bank card, not credit or anything. So he comes back, with the bag, and says that they won’t take it back as it was bought on credit. Hubby says “did you get a credit card and not tell me?” He wasn’t angry, but just confused. I look at the receipt and it CLEARLY says on there ‘direct debit purchase - chequing’. So, I go, taking the baby with me who is crying now, but I need to go because they only have a 10 day return policy and I don’t know if I will be back again before that time. So, we go, and I go up to the cash register, and I explain how hubby was just here trying to return, and they wouldn’t because they said it was ‘credit’, but it wasn’t…it was bank payment. So, they instantly get their backs up, say they will call the manager. I said, “no, I just need to go, my baby is fussy, can you please ring it through”. They don’t. They call the manager. She tells me (snotty like) that the reason why they wouldn’t take it from hubby was because it wasn’t the same bank card. I said that we have the same account, and how do they know it’s not? Also, that isn’t what they told hubby. Well, the lady was very rude…rude tone, smirking…this is the manager. So, I said, well, that’s too bad, that isn’t going to work for my family and I can’t see myself purchasing here in the future as hubby returns alot of my purchases. So then the snotty manager FINALLY rings through the return, and she says to me rudely “swipe your card”. I said “I can’t…you have my card” (She is holding it). She tosses/throws it at me. I believe it is just another way to make it hard to return items.