Winners Didn’t Honour Tag Price

By Mercedy

I went shopping at Winners (at wem)yesterday and found this cute dress for work, it was in the clearance section Reg price $29.99 marked down to $12.99. I hardly find dresses that fit me right and the price was even better. I went to pay for it and the Cashier said that the “red clearance sticker” price was wrong and continued to look at me like I switched it!! He found the “correct price” which was $24.99, how is that a clearance price??!! I told him that was mis advertising a price and I should get it for the sticker price, he rolled his eyes at me and said “well we cant babysit the evening price clerks, do you want the dress or not?”……..I ended up not buying the dress and I am very disappointed in Winners.


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    Times 2 says...

    The same thing happened to me! I found a purse that I thought was really cute, marked down with a red ticket. I got it to the cashier, she scanned it and told me that someone had tampered with the ticket, the purse was regular price. I saw that ticket before she started picking at it, and in no way, shape, or form had it been tampered with. Boy, was I angry with them. It’s their mistake, they should honor the mistake instead of accusing us of ticket-tampering.

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    Catherine says...

    I used to work at winners, and I know for a fact that it happens a lot! People peel off the clearance sticker and stick it on something they want, then they get scared of getting caught and leave the item behind for another unsuspecting customer to pick up. As far as the comment “we can’t babysit the evening price clerks” it doesn’t make any sense with regards to winners operations, saying we can’t babysit the thiefs who mess with the tags would make more sense. Since staff really cannot make mistakes when it comes to clearance stickers- they simply scan it and if a red sticker prints they stick it on. I can’t see ANYONE making a mistake with that. Anyway they now have the ability to enter the price information into a machine and it will tell them if it is indeed on clearance. It’s the same situation as going to wal mart and picking an item up off a shelf that doesn’t belong there and wanting it for that price. I know Winners can be a hassle to shop at but the MASSIVE amount of money I’ve saved shopping their regularly is well worth it to me.

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    hateWinners says...

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    dawn says...

    write head office tell them what went on you might just get a gift card or even get the person canned

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    Mercedy says...

    Thanks Dawn, I sent them a message… I do not really expect anything though

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    mercedybear says...

    Their response:

    The stores are required to charge the correct price for all of the
    merchandise we sell. We have security measures in place at our registers
    to help verify that we are charging the correct price. Unfortunately there
    is a variety of ways that the incorrect red sticker price can be placed on
    an item and our policy is to sell the item at the correct price. This will
    ensure for consistency for future transactions of this item i.e returns or
    the same item found in other locations will also to be given at the correct
    price. This policy also aids in our loss prevention measures and keeping
    our costs low so that we can provide our customers with a great everyday

    As well, we wanted to contact you to let you know that we have communicated
    your concerns and feedback with the Store Manager of our West Edmonton Mall
    location. We believe that all associates and customers should be treated
    with dignity and respect at all times while visiting any of our Winner’s or
    HomeSense locations. By the comments you wrote in your email, this was
    clearly not the case and we apologize for any inconvenience that this
    negative experience may have caused you.

    Again, we apologize for your negative experience and appreciate that you
    have taken the time to share your experience with us.

    Thank you for your patronage and we hope that you allow us to serve you
    again in the near future.

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    Stephanie says...

    So much for the customer always being right, huh. I work in retail and anytime something has been mispriced, I always honour it even if it’s ridiculously wrong.

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    Ed says...

    Same thing happened to me today, Aug 21, 2011. Will not go back to the Winners at WEM. the cashier seemed very rude.

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    Anisa says...

    This is illegal. It sucks for stores who have incompetant employees but because of our competition laws if the clerks messed up stickering something they are legally obligated to give it to you at the advertised price.

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    Amanda says...

    I find depending on what I wear to winners sometimes I get a lot of bother when I go to the dressing room in winners. Its as though they think I am stealing. If I dress up nicely for work and pop in I don’t get a bother….and I don’t dress crappy on causal day either. I get irritated and avoid the winners at alexis nixion for the woman frequently running the dressing room. I won’t buy electronics there anymore, they are often badly damaged. However toys, dresses, and shirts are my mainstays at winners. I will keep going because I do save a lot of money on those items.

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