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Great Service @ XS Cargo Scarborough Kennedy Rd Location‏

By Sam

i always buy from this location..

i bought violin for beginers but when i brought it home and checked it that it had broken wire, eventhough they said earlier to me no refunds.

since there were no more in stock, they did refunded full payment…

the got good stuff at scarborough location

idk about other locations

the staff are really nice her


XS Cargo Canada

By Joe K

I went into the Peterborough xs cargo and was asking about usb chargers for my cell phone. Simon who is one of their Employee’s plugged my phone into one of the universal chargers and fried my Phone. I called the store manager and he did nothing and hung up on me. I then e mailed head office who said they aren’t doing anything. I then contacted the better business bureau and when they tried to contact xs cargo they would not respond.

So now I have no cell phone and they do nothing. I have not shopped there since.


Bad Service at XS Cargo in Peterborough

By Jennifer

My husband and i stopped in at this store while shopping last Saturday. I noticed they had a whole shelf of blood pressure cuff’s clearly marked $19.99. I picked one up with the intention of purchasing it. When I got to the cashier she rudely told me it was $29.99. I told her no thank you. I tried to explain to her that it was clearly marked at 19.99 and someone should change it so the next customer doesn’t get upset. she went off on me. She yelled at me that all I wanted to do was cause a scene. She was rude and insulting. I will never go to this store again. We called the manager after leaving the store and he was just as rude, hanging up on us. I have an email into the head office but don’t have much faith they will do anything about it either. If you are ever in the Peterborough area, skip this store.