Bad Service at XS Cargo in Peterborough

By Jennifer

My husband and i stopped in at this store while shopping last Saturday. I noticed they had a whole shelf of blood pressure cuff’s clearly marked $19.99. I picked one up with the intention of purchasing it. When I got to the cashier she rudely told me it was $29.99. I told her no thank you. I tried to explain to her that it was clearly marked at 19.99 and someone should change it so the next customer doesn’t get upset. she went off on me. She yelled at me that all I wanted to do was cause a scene. She was rude and insulting. I will never go to this store again. We called the manager after leaving the store and he was just as rude, hanging up on us. I have an email into the head office but don’t have much faith they will do anything about it either. If you are ever in the Peterborough area, skip this store.


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    Shopsy says...

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    thatgengirl says...

    What was the point of *that* comment Shopsy?

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    Tish says...

    Just so everybody knows that all XS Cargo staff are not like that, I am sorry on behalf of XS Cargo.

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    Terra says...

    To shop at the XS Cargo store in Kelowna, you have to REALLY want that product. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the rudeness you have to endure. Thw worst experience I had there was when I got home and realized I had been charged for an item I didn’t purchase. I’d only bought two items and been charged for three. The mystery item was nothing to do with the other two I had purchased. I still have no idea how this can happen. Was there a UPC symbol nearby that the computer picked up? But how to prove that I didn’t buy that thing? For sure I wasn’t into being chagred $10 for something I didn’t buy. The manager just stared at me like I was some sort of criminal. I’m not an outspoken person, but in the end I was shaking, I was so upset. There was a long line of people at the till and I said loud enough for them to hear that I was not leaving until I got my money back. It was like they’d reached into my purse and stolen a $10 bill. In the end, the manager gave me the money but he made me feel like I was a bad person. The store is also teriible for taking back items that you discover at home are broken, even tho with their limited return policy that IS a reason to return something.

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    Brenda says...

    I to have had a bad experiences at the Barrie location. I bought a hand vacuum with the extra warranty. It stopped working so I brought it back. A young guy took it to the back and came back in a few minutes and said it works fine for me. I left with the vacuum again only to figure out it still did not work. So when I brought it back again they said they will not exchange it as it works fine for them. That’s the last time I will ever buy something from them that requires plugging in. The vacuum is now just sitting in my garage useless. Waste of money. The sales people are not all that friendly either.
    Also I have seen the blood pressure cuffs marked on the shelf here in Barrie once for 19.99 and wanted to buy one. They said the price was 29.99 but failed to correct the price after I inquired about it. Any other store would have given it to you for that price because of the mix up.
    I just stay away from the store and save myself the hassel.

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    Sylvia says...

    To thank shoppers and employees: Thanks for the comments/heads up.
    This is a good example of BUYERS BEWARE. These stores offer very discounted items, with limited if any returns allowed, and some products and packages which are better than others. We are familiar with the Belleville, Ontario store, which has had friendly staff and we bought some neat little deals. Generally,you only get what you pay for - or what you can make a deal on , so once again, BUYERS BEWARE. (nice comments Tish)
    Oh yes, we must also remember retail staff are usually the very lowest paid, no benefits employees around and may have served a lot of grumpy customers…maybe some are very grumpy too > In the spirit of the season, holding our temper and our retorts can go a long way, and good luck shopping to you all! Seasons Greetings. >
    Sign me: An Older Experienced Shopper, Who is Really Thankful to Live in A Free Country, with stores, with goods on the shelves to buy, and some little money with which to shop.

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    Nick says...

    Situations like this I would either take a staff member back to see the sign or ask for the manager amd take them back to the sign. This has always worked for me. If it does not, take the name of the manager, and what the sign says, make a formal complaint to the BBB or provincial ombudsman. Stores are oblidge to honour a posted sign as long as there is something on the sign referring to which item.

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    Joe says...

    Hmmmm….I suspect there are details the OP is leaving out.
    The item scanned at the wrong price, so the customer “politely told them they should change the sign so other customers don’t get upset” isn’t consistent with most of the people who come to this board to complain.
    Most likely there was a SCOP argument that the OP lost.

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    Elizabeth B. says...

    I also would have asked an employee to accompany me to the shelf to see the $19.99 sign. Even if they don’t like it it usually solves the problem fairly quickly. And there have been a few occasions where I realized that I had read a sign wrong and had to apologize to the staff for my mistake!

    I shop at XS Cargo in Barrie and find the employees there to be very friendly and helpful. They don’t hesitate to help me find what I’m looking for and when you check out they are always careful to explain their ‘non’ return policy. XS Cargo is always a gamble. Sometimes you get junk but other times you get something great for a very good price.

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    Laura says...

    I live in St.john’s Newfoundland.I have also had a problem with XS cargo.I bought a eureka vaccuum and it’s supposed to pick up dirt but instead it blows stuff all around and i end up chasing it with the vaccuum.The pet hair attachement does not suck up anything on my stairs it just blocks it up and i gotta pick it out with my fingers.I took it back (mind you I also have a 2 year plan bought for an extra 15.oo for this item)and they took it to the back and tried it out I followed and watched .Well it picked up for them on concrete floors.So they said nope it works .They also said If i wanna get further I can email customer service.SO I did and got back a post failure,so I emailed again and got a post failure.So obviously this does not exsist!Stupid policies, crap service and imaginary email adresses do not warrant anymore of my time or money.

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    Pammy says...

    i recd a new comforter set for chritmas and it was only used for two weeks and it ripped all up at the seems - i went in with the receipt and they said that they cannot do anything….. so i was given the cust service email and explained the situation and i got a rude email back saying, you bought it, you wrecked it, you keep it.
    i emailed back asking how they cannot stand by their products. i was not asking for my money back, just a store credit or some acknowedgement that they are sorry but NOPE…. they cashier was rude and i had to interrupt her and her boyfriends little cuddle sesssion to speak with her. the manager was nice and seemed to try to help me…. but to no avail… so basically the present was a waste of money and they dont stand by thier stuff, nor do they agree with cx satisfaction….

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    Joe says...

    Yes I had the same problem with bedding, and they all treated my like Dirt. This manager acted like she was nice but trust me that all changed when I took a stand, she became a real A$$-O to deal with. So I stood in the store and made a scene and refused to leave until they did something they gave me a store credit.

    Keep on them they will give in.

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    never again says...

    We went to the same location and wanted a refund on a dvd player that stopped working after 30 min.We came back right away and we heard “Policy ” I think 50 times and she wanted to give the same crappy one as an xchange. We drove so far just to return it and I wasn’t chancing it. My husband had to have a stand off for half an hour and started to tell customers not to buy there or they would be stuck with junk. After customers started dropping purchases she finally let him xchange it for art supplies which she could have offered at the start and saved us a headache and time. So frustrating and no remorse for their products causing any hardship on the customer. I get Buyer Beware but no one should be treated that way and the sign should say IT MIGHT NOT WORK BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK and IF IT DOESN”T - WILL ONLY GIVE YOU THE SAME ONE THAT STILL MIGHT NOT WORK. The manager called the cashier at HOME to see if she told us the return policy which she didn’t tell us. REALLY!!! that is the length you go to have a customer feel like an idiot. I really feel like they go to a BOOTCAMP for rude returns instead of dealing with each customer situation to have them return and be a repeat shopper. NEVER AGAIN

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    Craig says...

    I too have just been stung by xscargo return policy.

    I purchased an AT&T 2 line telephone, on Thursday night - when I got home, it didnt work. I spent several hours with it. (I am technical) but it would freeze up, buttons wouldnt respond, display was blank etc.

    So, early Friday afternoon I tried to return it for an exchange - but they had no more in stock, so they plugged the phone in while in store, and wouldnt you know it, it came up, and was able to place calls. HOWEVER it was still flashing power failure in the display, and despite having some functionality was still a defective item.

    They refused to refund, or even offer store credit.

    I walked out of the store, disgusted, and down $30. I left the phone there, what the heck can I do with a defective phone ?

    I’ve shopped at xscargo many times over the last 5 or so years, but I will never, ever, ever shop there again.

    lesson learned.

    I will be sure to tell all my friends and family of this experience, and caution them “beware”

    I hope someone who reads this post, and other posts in this thread and learns of their customer service, and what are, frankly, probably bordering on illegal practices. although, much like parking tickets, I’m not going to take time off work and pursue them for $30, I’ll wind up losing more money than it’s worth, it’s simply not worth it. BUT: A caution to anyone reading, be very careful buying at xscargo, especially if its a big ticket item.

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    moggy says...

    I have shopped at the Peterborough store ,
    I bought the Infa Chef Halogen Oven for $69 there
    works great I made sure it wasn’t a refurb
    use it every day and cut my hydro bill down

    I was looking at the flyer today blood pressure monitor is in it for 19.99
    was thinking of getting one .

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    Nicole says...

    The Peterborough location is the pits. The kicker here is their staff, that`s all I can say. Just plain rude!

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    RJay says...

    I cannot believe how dumb and spoiled consumers can be, these people who work for this company obviously have to abide by their store policy…. BUYER BEWARE!!

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    Tara says...

    My husband and I bought a steam mop from the Peterborough store, and boy, what a ripoff! We bought a 2 year plan with it,and it quit just before the 30 day exchange was over. So we brought it back, and they exchanged it for another one. This one leaked, and made awful grinding noises right out of the box. I tried to return it, saying that since we got TWO defective items in a row, I’d just like my money back for the mop and the plan. I was told basically that the plan was useless by the manager, and I wouldn’t get any refund for that. I had to talk to four staff members and the manager (again) before they agreed to give us store credit for the mop. You can be sure I didn’t get anything that plugged in! I will never give XS Cargo, in any location, my business again.

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    Ed says...

    XS Cargo sells nothing but re-conditioned crap. Even their batteries don’t work or last a very short time. I suspect they buy sub-standard brand name batteries(such as seconds) and sell them as regular merchandise.

    I will never deal with them again.

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    Shibby__ says...

    I Bought A Computer Chair For $115.00 Brought It Home And Holes Dont Line Up The Brackets Overlap Eachother, So I Am Going To Bring It Back Today And Lets See What Happens!!

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    Ryan says...

    Bought a 46″ Hi-sense lcd tv. Got it home, and the hdmi inputs did not work. So I went back to the store and got some money back, plus a 42″ unit. Not exactly what I wanted, but fair enough. Or so I thought. Got the 42″ home and there was a vertical line of nothingness on my screen, rendering it unwatchable. Am going back this week. I will insist that the replacement unit be put on the shelf for half an hour so that I can make sure all the inputs work and the screen works. I live quite far away (north), and not counting the first trip for the original tv, I’ve spent 12 hours driving to and from the store so far. If I get this tv home and it doesn’t work after a week, I fully intend to put it through their front window. Who is refurbishing this crap? Do they just pull junkies off the street and hand them a tool kit? Thanx for wasting my time and money, xs Cargo.

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    Tammi says...

    We purchased our son a refurbished iPod for Christmas, by New Year’s Eve it was dead. I could not find the receipt. So I wrote a few emails to customer service asking for help. I received no reply and found this site. I was going to add my complaint but a few days later I received a reply. They gave me a copy of my receipt and we took it to the store. The lady was helpful and called around trying to find us an iPod. When none was found, we received our money back. I was ready to give up when they came through for us.

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