Weedman is Horrible and Ripped Me Off!

By doubleblue

CRIMINAL!!!!!! This is the most dishonest, irresponsible and incompetent company which whom we have ever dealt. While our weed control was pathetic this summer after being charged for weeds to be eliminated from our property, we were told by Weed Man representatives that it was the time of year (July) when we could expect many weeds. We were billed anyway. Then we were told that the effective weed control products were on back order from Europe and that the products they were using were ineffective. We were billed anyway. Then Weed Man paid us three ‘pretend’ visits. They charged us for three varied weed and fertilizer applications at three different times but never actually showed up. Finally, they showed up at the end of October after several frosts to fertilize, just in time for the snow. Throughout the summer, we made several requests for a manager to come and inspect our lawn. No one ever arrived. When we called several times to speak to a manager, we were told all managers were in a meeting. Their products are useless, there is NO customer service and they have no regard for honesty. Shame on you, Weed Man.


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    Iwannadeal says...

    Amen to that! We had them this summer as well and after their ridiculous first weed treatment, I told them not to bother with the 2nd one since I didn’t want to pay for another useless service. Then they came and did our fall/winter fertilization in the beginning of August! Seriously the lawncare industry is pretty shady, and desperate now that chemical pesticides aren’t allowed. It’s cheaper and makes more sense to look after your own lawn now, which I will be doing next summer.

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    Dee says...

    We paid a year in advance for them to do our yard. At the time we were both working days. They would supposedly come while we were at work and do the job and leave a paid/for invoice on our door. After I retired, and they did not expect anyone to be at home….: I was looking at the birds out my bedroom window (rather hidden from our driveway), when they came in to do their job for the wk. What happened: Guy gets out of truck, walks around the yard a little (looking into downstairs windows, and such), taps lightly on front door. I, in my pjs didn’t answer it. Meanwhile, he goes out to his truck, lights a cig, drinks a coffee and fills out the invoice. NO work done, but invoice and charge of service cleanly on my door, he drives off. Was at our place maybe 5 minutes in total. I didn’t want him to be fired and decided to let it go until he came the next time when I would confront him with it personally. So: same thing next time. Only, I waited for him to put the invoice on my door and surprised him by opening it. Confronted by what he’d done, he denied it and turned and left quickly. I called the company this time and taddled plus asked to be reembursed for services not rendered and want my money back for the entire season, don’t even want the service anymore and can’t know whether they EVER did anything. So want reembursement. They are undaunted. I have asked them to stop calling me since they will not pay me back or reemburse me unless I take it in lawn services! They have not stopped hounding us for the last couple of years and the last time they called I told them I would hire a lawyer if necessary to get them to QUIT calling us. Terrible.

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