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Canadian Tire: Horrible Service

By Be happy
I went in this store a few days ago to make a purchase and found a package of golf balls of the brand that my daughter uses. I was planning to put them away for her upcoming birthday. There was only one box on the shelf and when I opened it, one of the ’sleeves’ of 3 was missing. I thought that I would take them to the cashier and ask for the appropriate discount and just throw the big box out. That triggered a disaster scenario. The two people in front of me had a fistful of Canadian Tire money but there was a cashier and a lady behind her so I thought this won’t be too bad. After counting and sorting through all the ‘funny money’ I made it to the checkout and asked politely for a discount because the set was incomplete. The assisting clerk said “were there anymore on the shelf” to which I replied “no” and then she said did you ask the associate back THERE to check  and I said “no, I didn’t see anyone there”. Then she said that I would have to do that first. I said, “do you
mean that I would have to line up again?” and she said “yes”. I said that I would just leave it then because I had to be somewhere and after humming and hawing, she offered to check for me with someone. A while later she returned to say that I could have them for a discount which wasn’t 25% but I said ok anyway. Neither of the associates was very friendly or cooperative. Unfortunately, this is the kind of service that I have come to expect from most CT stores. Is it too much to ask for sales associates to be friendly and helpful these days? I worked in retail for almost 40 years in management and it makes me feel like you are inconveniencing these clerks.