Canadian Tire: Horrible Service

By Be happy
I went in this store a few days ago to make a purchase and found a package of golf balls of the brand that my daughter uses. I was planning to put them away for her upcoming birthday. There was only one box on the shelf and when I opened it, one of the ’sleeves’ of 3 was missing. I thought that I would take them to the cashier and ask for the appropriate discount and just throw the big box out. That triggered a disaster scenario. The two people in front of me had a fistful of Canadian Tire money but there was a cashier and a lady behind her so I thought this won’t be too bad. After counting and sorting through all the ‘funny money’ I made it to the checkout and asked politely for a discount because the set was incomplete. The assisting clerk said “were there anymore on the shelf” to which I replied “no” and then she said did you ask the associate back THERE to check  and I said “no, I didn’t see anyone there”. Then she said that I would have to do that first. I said, “do you
mean that I would have to line up again?” and she said “yes”. I said that I would just leave it then because I had to be somewhere and after humming and hawing, she offered to check for me with someone. A while later she returned to say that I could have them for a discount which wasn’t 25% but I said ok anyway. Neither of the associates was very friendly or cooperative. Unfortunately, this is the kind of service that I have come to expect from most CT stores. Is it too much to ask for sales associates to be friendly and helpful these days? I worked in retail for almost 40 years in management and it makes me feel like you are inconveniencing these clerks.

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    Laura says...

    Unfortunately my brother has worked at Canadian Tire for almost 5 years, and they treat their employees HORRIBLY. While that is no excuse for bad customer service it does have some effect on the quality of service you receive. One employee treated me so badly I suffered an anxiety attack; when I went to the store manager to complain he accused me of having a PERSONAL PROBLEM with the employee because I had gone to elementary school with him over a DECADE before. Needless to say I went to the BBB and have never stepped foot in that store again, and have warned people off of the store

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    Teresa M says...

    I stopped shopping at CT many years ago. The auto department is terrible and I agree the customer service is sadly lacking. I find most of the employees are miserable and look grumpy. Obviously not a company that treats their employees well. Business owner don’t seem to grasp the concept that if you treat your employees well, that creates happier employees and the end result is higher customer satisfaction…that means revenue for company. I wouldn’t have purchased the balls. I am big on customer service. If a store doesn’t appear to want my custom then I will shop elsewhere and I do. Great post. I have heard of complaints with CT but I am sorry that you had an unfortunate experience.

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    monika says...

    I have to say, after reading these comments - that I am so pleased with the service received at the Canadian Tire store in Welland, Ontario. . The manager has done a great job in training his employees. He can also feel proud. The staff are very friendly and trip over themselves to be helpful. I did have my car serviced prior to buying a new one. The service dept. staff are also very courteous and helpful. I had a few little emergencies which they handled promptly and efficiently. I would give the store 10 out of 10 for service.

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    Alison says...

    I was just at the Cambie and 7th St. location this morning and received amazing customer service in the Sports Department! The girl was knowledgeable and friendly, and this was all after I witnessed how horribly she was treated by the previous customer. The man was not only rude, but asked very dumb questions,but the employee remained composed. While she answered his questions he increasingly got more and more agressive with her, I did not like his attitude at all! I myself have worked in retail in the past, it is by no means an easy job and while the service one gets is relative to the situation and person (customer and clerk)sometimes the customer just ISN’T right. I experienced some real abusive language and horrible attitude when I worked retail and it was not called for, so when someone doesn’t come in with the right attitude, how can you expect the person who is trying to help you to have a good one? Sometimes, I was spoken to as if I wasn’t even a person, it is totally disrespectful or in some cases, people are in “such a hurry” they think it gives them license to just demand that all there stuff be brought to them and right away…

    On another note, I am sorry to hear that you all have had bad experiences, I’m just trying to shed some light on the other side of things.

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