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Worst Service Ever from Greyhound Canada

By A.

I called Greyhound to inquire about a particular route which only has service on certain days. The first person I called said that such a route did not exist; I said that this was either impossible or that the service had been cancelled. I asked him to check his spelling. Again, this route didn’t exist. He suggested I call customer service; when I did they confirmed the route did exist and promptly gave me the schedule.

Fast forward to today when trying to buy the ticket. I had previously seen the current prices of tickets online. I went to Dundas and Bay and was told that the cheapest student fare was $8 + tax more than the online one. I returned to the office to buy the ticket online but could not. I called Greyhound (twice based on my expereince before). Was told by two people I can absolutely buy the ticket, they suggested that if I did not know how to buy a ticket online I should contact the web support department (internet shopping - that one is new to me!). One lady also told me that I would have to print it out as my pick up location does not have a greyhound depo. She was very insistent on my having to “print it out from a printer at home”. Not a problem, I was actually sitting across from a printer at work. I was told 100% by both people, that I could buy this ticket online for a date next week.

Calling web support was even worse. I was told that I could NOT purchase the ticket as it was under 11 days in advance. This is not posted anywhere. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that in order to do so I would have to hang up, call back in and ask to be transferred to a supervisor. By this time I was laughing cause I was about ready to cry and by this time getting an actual correct answer from greyhound was about the point of the matter. After about 5 minutes of not getting clarification as to why I would have to hang up and call back I was finally transferred to a supervisor. Surprise surprise, as a supervisor she could not actually do ANYTHING; she could not take a complaint nor could she oversee the customer service of her employees.

Called back to customer service. Gave the details and was told “we’ll send you a letter”.

This was the most disgraceful service I have ever received. The amount of misinformation I was given is simply unacceptable.