Worst Service Ever from Greyhound Canada

By A.

I called Greyhound to inquire about a particular route which only has service on certain days. The first person I called said that such a route did not exist; I said that this was either impossible or that the service had been cancelled. I asked him to check his spelling. Again, this route didn’t exist. He suggested I call customer service; when I did they confirmed the route did exist and promptly gave me the schedule.

Fast forward to today when trying to buy the ticket. I had previously seen the current prices of tickets online. I went to Dundas and Bay and was told that the cheapest student fare was $8 + tax more than the online one. I returned to the office to buy the ticket online but could not. I called Greyhound (twice based on my expereince before). Was told by two people I can absolutely buy the ticket, they suggested that if I did not know how to buy a ticket online I should contact the web support department (internet shopping - that one is new to me!). One lady also told me that I would have to print it out as my pick up location does not have a greyhound depo. She was very insistent on my having to “print it out from a printer at home”. Not a problem, I was actually sitting across from a printer at work. I was told 100% by both people, that I could buy this ticket online for a date next week.

Calling web support was even worse. I was told that I could NOT purchase the ticket as it was under 11 days in advance. This is not posted anywhere. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that in order to do so I would have to hang up, call back in and ask to be transferred to a supervisor. By this time I was laughing cause I was about ready to cry and by this time getting an actual correct answer from greyhound was about the point of the matter. After about 5 minutes of not getting clarification as to why I would have to hang up and call back I was finally transferred to a supervisor. Surprise surprise, as a supervisor she could not actually do ANYTHING; she could not take a complaint nor could she oversee the customer service of her employees.

Called back to customer service. Gave the details and was told “we’ll send you a letter”.

This was the most disgraceful service I have ever received. The amount of misinformation I was given is simply unacceptable.

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    Em says...

    Wow, so frustrating! I’ve had big problems with Greyhound in the past as well…Once I purchased a round-trip ticket and the return bus didn’t stop at my pick-up location!! I was with another girl who had also purchased a ticket leaving from that location and when she called Greyhound they told us we would have to wait 4 hours for a bus that had just left Toronto, but they couldn’t even guarantee that there would be seats open for the two of us! Horrible service..you’d think if they sold you a round-trip ticket, they would make a point of stopping to pick you up!

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    Grace says...

    Yeah, I’ve never had good service from them either. I only travel with Via Rail now. It’s a bit more expensive to go where I was going with Greyhound, but if I book far enough in advance, it’s comparable….and way better all round. Too bad they don’t go everywhere Greyhound does. But I really hate Greyhound.

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    Becky says...

    sadly there is no guarantee they will pick you up … even if you just bought the ticket at the kiosk (this happened to me in TO, bunch of people got on ahead of me and then had to wait 2hrs for another bus)

    sad to hear that you had abad experience … but what they lack with customers they excell with packages :) i send all packages i can via greyhound and it is QUICK and cheaper than canada post

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    Carrie says...

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    Jayme says...

    Worst service ever. I tried to purchase a ticket online (as I have every year to the same destination), and after clicking “purchase” it came back with “unable to complete your purchase”. No explanation why, just “unable” so I call a number. And am told to call another number, customer service. And I get voicemail. For customer service! I call another number and I get a human voice to speak with (finally), and take the time to tell him all my information, only to have him tell me “unable to complete your purchase”. He tells me to call customer service. This time someone answers, but of course, is unable to help me. He gives me the number for national customer service. And guess what?? They were unable to help me. They told me I had to go to the station and purchase my ticket in person and it would cost more. Good logic. Make the customer waste their time by going to the station, and charge them more money for it.
    Why are we tolerating this sh*tty customer service? Why doesn’t Greyhound have any competition? They have no incentive to improve their service, because we have no other options!

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    Celine says...

    Purchased a return ticket for our son coming home from College for the holidays. The return journey was to depart in Scarborough, the bus never showed up. Next bus was almost 1 hour late. When you try to reach customer service they give you the run around, terrible service. Transfer after transfer still unable to get any clear answers, will only speak to ticket holder even though we purchased the ticket but it had my son’s name on it they would not speak with me. No PA (public address) system at the station to inform passengers of delays or cancelled buses. Totally archaic system. Will never use Greyhound again.

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    Pim Delfgou says...

    I too had problems with Greyhound in the past. Twice, the bus was full and they did not put another bus in to take the remaining dozen so passengers that got left behind. Now they are eliminating the connecting shuttle bus they had contracted A.J. Bus Lines between Spragge and Elliot Lake (where I live) leaving people stranded. If I can get a ride to Sudbury, I would now rather take Porter Airlines to Toronto and other places. They got great customer service, and their planes land at Toronto Billy Bishop Airport rather than Pearson, close to downtown T.O.

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    Bruce McCulloch says...

    I too had a similar problem in Vancouver. The bus never showed up and I missed my connecting ferry to Vancouver Island and was over 2 hours late to work because of it. I promptly typed up a letter expressing my a feelings about their service and requesting a refund (only $10.00, but it was the principle). I mailed the letter out June 14, 2012 and have yet to receive a reply (today is July 27th). The customer service of Greyhound is deplorable. From reading the other comments on this site it appears I won’t find much satisfaction unless I scream in their ears!

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