Rude Service at Canadian Tire in Burlington, ON

By KellyJ

My husband and I where shopping for lamps for our bedroom today. My husband spots one he likes and points it out to me. I mention that the lamp shade looks a little to big and he takes the lamp by the base to turn it around a bit. As he does I notice the lamp is kinda of wobbley and tell him we don’t want a lamp that is that tippy…he says yes it seems it is and then barely lifts the lamp up so he could look to see why the bottom is so wobbley and the complete left side of the shelf falls down. I grab the other two lamps and he is hold the one we where considering and we both holler help here please! then the 2 old guys on staff …right on the other side of the aisle start hollering at us! WHAT are you doing!!..bellowing at us like we are 2 punk kids tearing the store apart…(we are 50). They come around the corner and tell us we have no business touching the lamps. I said …pardon me we can’t touch something we are considering buying???? Where are the signs that say we can’t touch the lamps??? He said well they are not there but it should be understood you don’t touch them??? excuse me??? no gee we are sorry we did a crappy job of attaching the shelf brackett….

What if a child in a shopping cart reached up and touched the shelf? It would have fell on them…we have no idea what caused the shelf to tumble….but I can assure you it wasn’t because we where hanging off them….does this mean I should touch anything in CT? I could understand if I picked up the lamp and dropped it and broke it…yes I would have been at fault…but the shelf fell down from under the product we were looking at and that is no reason to verbally attack my husband and I. We were was so shaken up I couldn’t even stop to talk to a manager…we left the store and purchased nothing.

To the two old guys that hollered at us…shame on you…time to retire gentleman, stay home!

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    Big Bob says...

    Did you break the lamps? Holy crow I can’t understand what your problem is.. other than English obviously.

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    Katie says...

    Her problem is the shelf fall on them when they were checking out the lamps and instead of getting an apology from cdn tire’s stuff, she and her hubby got yelled at for touching the lamp.

    And holy molly some people here are just plain rude and impatience.

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    KellyJ says...

    Big Bob your right…in my anger, my typing and spelling were not great. I didn’t think he grammer police monitored the site…lol No we did not break the lamps, the shelf the lamps were sitting on fell out… we caught the lamps from falling. These where not huge lamps…simple table lamps for the bedroom so it did not seem wrong to pick them up and look at them. The point here is the store is at fault for not properly installing the shelving. Not the customer for picking an item up off the shelf. You don’t yell and holler at customers because the store shelves fall apart. Their response to the situation was totally uncalled for. I have since been to Home Sense looking at lighting they have no problem if you pick up the merchandise you are considering buying and their shelves don’t fall apart.

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    Violet says...

    Big Bob, what’s your problem? If you had trouble understanding Kelly’s story, then there is no point in replying with snide remarks. By the way, I had no problem understanding it.

    Kelly, I’ve worked at that particular Canadian Tire in Burlington and subsequently quit because the staff are very rude to customers and to eachother - it’s something that particular Canadian Tire is known for.

    I worked at another retail store where a similar situation happened (a shelf of merchandise fell down while customers were looking at the products), and the customers were apologized to and the faulty shelf was repaired. That’s how your situation should have been handled. I’m sorry the employees at Canadian Tire don’t understand good customer service and treated you so poorly.

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    שולחן מחשב says...

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