Problem Getting Optimum Points at Shoppers Drug Mart

By Jan

Points offer–not received.

Did a phone-in survey from Shoppers in December to qualify for 25,000 optimum points. Voice on the phone took information and thanked me for taking the survey, then said points will be added to my optimum card in approximately 6 weeks. It’s March and there are no points. Guess I can give up on them. Thanks for the BS Shoppers.

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    Alicia says...

    That sucks, but did you call Shoppers to let them know you didn’t get the points? I’m sure they would be more than happy to give your the points!

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That was a scam. Be careful with the information that you share.

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    Big Bob says...

    Yikes, what information did you share with them? Scam for sure.

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    Karen says...

    Whether it was or wasn’t a scam, Shopper’s will give you the runaround with these points. So I’ve learned the hard way - losing out on 50X the points on a $90.00 purchase all because the manager refused to give the points, and Shopper’s head office saying they can’t do anything either. I was also told, “Wait 6 weeks for them to show up” because they didn’t show up immediately on the receipt. 8 weeks later - bye bye Optimum points. Thanks for the bigtime BS, Shopper’s.

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    Joe says...

    @Karen: I have worked at Shoppers and no manager controls the points. It is impossible for any manager to deny Optimum points - they are all done by Head Office through the registers.

    If you paid for the merchandise, then any eligible points get added to your account. If you didn’t get points, then either the merchandise you bought wasn’t eligible for the points, or there are other details you are leaving out.

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    I am M says...


    Did you give your receipt number and date of the promotion to the headoffice? Call again and speak with someone else!

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    Theresa says...

    Each Shoppers is individually owned, so they probably do have their “own” rules. I would call head office though.

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    Amanda says...

    “Theresa says…
    May 22, 2011 at 10:36 am
    Each Shoppers is individually owned, so they probably do have their “own” rules. I would call head office though.“

    They`re franchised, it`s like saying every Tim Horton`s can use their “own“ brand of coffee. There are strict guidlines to owning a franchise. Use your head.

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