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Bad Service at Hallmark

By Greg

I purchased a precious moments figurine from the Hallmark store at Square One in Mississauga for my wife. She ended up not liking my selection so I went to the Hallmark store at Oakville Place to return since I lived in Oakville. They politely informed me that they could not accept my return since they were a franchise store and did not carry Precious Moment figurines. I was a bit annoyed but accepted their explanation since they did direct me to another “corporate” store at Burlington Mall where I could return the item. Since I work in Burlington I brought the figurine back. The cashier immediately told me that “we can’t take that” if it is not in our system. At this point she had not even scanned the item to check it. She then walked off to see her manager. The cashier and the manager returned and scanned the item which did show up on their system. The manager relunctantly agreed to take it back at the disbelief of the cashier. The cashier then tried to refund my money but 
the barcode on the receipt was not being accepted by her cash register. She then informs me that she can’t take it back if the barcode won’t scan. At this point the manager took over and cashed me out. Before refunding my money, they both had to open the package and then went over the figurine carefully to ensure that it was not broken while I waited. Not only was I frustrated but I was made to feel like a thief.

I recommend not shopping at Hallmark (especially at Burlington Mall). Carleton Cards has much better service in my opinion and will be getting all of my future business.