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Schick Hydro Rebate

By Hilda

I had picked up the right Schick Hydro razor for the rebate, and carefully checked the UPC code, and mailed the receipt ($9.98+tax), the rebate form with the UPC to them.  Unfortunately, I did not photocopy the receipt :(  So, I did this on July 17, 2010, and today on September 20th, I called Schick Rebates @1-800-284-8073.  The person I spoke to asked my name and address, and said, we’ve not received anything yet (9 weeks later!).  I asked her how often does mail get lost in your pile there, and she said “this is the first time we’ve encountered this problem, I’m sorry”.  There was nothing they would offer, even though I told her that I will never purchase another Schick product again.  I had purchased this razor because of the rebate.  It’s not right that they could not offer me some kind of coupon/voucher to get a free razor, just to keep their customers happy.  I had purchased this product just because of the rebate, and I will never buy anything from Schick again!!!