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Great Customer Service From Lowe’s

By John

We were unhappy with recent carpet that we had installed. Installation was fine but carpet wasn’t what we wanted.

Lowes quickly agreed to replace the carpet and did so at not additional cost. Great customer service from Chris Hawkins, Store Manager, London Ontario and Gail, Sales Representative.


Great Experience With Lowe’s Canada and Moen

By Cam

I needed a replacement receipt (or so I thought) for a Moen kitchen faucet I bought at Lowe’s in 2009. Working with my bank I was able to identify the date of purchase and the amount of the receipt. Lowe’s customer care was great at taking my particulars and an image of my receipt was emailed to me in a couple of days. All very professional and courteous. Oh yeah, it turns out that all I had to do was call Moen, tell them which faucet and finish I had and the replacement part was couriered to me immediately and no receipt required and an excellent experience with well trained and knowledgeable staff.


Lowes Brampton - Return of Defective Stock

by Lucy

I purchase a charcoal smoker, when I went to assemble the main drum was dented, the top would not go on properly.

Took the smoker to the store, they give me a refund and I went and purchase another one (I had a party the next day really needed a smoker) got home started to assembled the second smoker and 2 parts were missing
I got this box from the shelf myself, whent back to the store explain the situation and the employee told me he would give me a refund and I could get another box from the shelf. I refuse - told him that all boxes on the shelf were open and properly returns because of defects, I asked him to give me the missing parts from the smoker that I return earlier, He went to the back of the store and give me missing parts.

Needless to say I will not go to Lowes anytime soon, I did not like my experience, the employees were very helpfull, the problem is, return items should be sent to the mfg. not back on the shelf.

I don’t live close to the store so it took me a good 20 minutes each time to return these items. And since I can’t lift anything heavy I had to get my son to go with me.



Kitchen from Lowes - Improperly Installed

Lowes Canada

by Carolynn P.

I purchased an expensive kitchen from Lowes. They came from the manufacturer in great condition and looked great.  Unfortunately their installation crew couldn’t read plans or use a level. It was improperly installed and they have ruined 3 cupoboards, my appliances don’t fit and the structure of the island is in question.  I have been without a kitchen for weeks and they have still not resolved the problems.  Right now I am regretting my decision to choose an american company new to Canada.  Buyer Beware, check installers references!


Awesome Customer Service at Lowe’s in Barrie

by Julieandsteve

My girlfriend and I went to Lowes after reading on here that the hanging baskets were b1g1. It was late Sat. night. They were sold out except for a couple rough looking ones. The girl working in flowers was able to convince the men unloading the truck with the next days shipment to let us get ours. She went above and beyond. Then another employee went and got us a cart. When we went in the store we were asked by different employees if they could help us. It was a great expereience.