Kitchen from Lowes - Improperly Installed

Lowes Canada

by Carolynn P.

I purchased an expensive kitchen from Lowes. They came from the manufacturer in great condition and looked great.  Unfortunately their installation crew couldn’t read plans or use a level. It was improperly installed and they have ruined 3 cupoboards, my appliances don’t fit and the structure of the island is in question.  I have been without a kitchen for weeks and they have still not resolved the problems.  Right now I am regretting my decision to choose an american company new to Canada.  Buyer Beware, check installers references!

3 Responses to “Kitchen from Lowes - Improperly Installed”

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    Dave says...

    It’s been almost a year, I am curious did you get any satisfaction from Lowes? did they at least apologize for hiring idiots?

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    C.C. says...

    At least your cupboard stayed up. Mine from Lowes came crashing down destroying dishes from a great grandmother and a grandmother,marking the corian counter and imbedding china/glass in the laminate floor. This was 7 weeks ago. It is still not resolved. The other cupboards have not been checked and the company that put up the original cupboards came back to put up the replacement cupboard. I could keep going with this story. Be sure before you shop Lowes.

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