The Brick Metal Bedframe (Brampton)

by Catherine

We bought a brand new mattress at the Brick In brampton on Kennedy. WE were told we had to have a frame with center support in order for our warranty to be valid on the mattress. We chose the least expensive one since we had already dropped $1000 on a mattress (a huge investment for a couple just starting out). First of all, the metal frame was very complicated to assemble (despite it’s simple appearance). I emailed the company who makes the frame and they sent me the same useless instructions that were on the box. Eventually we assembled it correctly but found that sharp metal corners were exposed and the plastic caps that come with it to cover these dangerous edges did not fit the corners at all.

Again, I contacted the manufacturer asked for a set of 4 that fit - he explained that I only need two but I further argued that the edges are sharp on the top and bottom of the corners- I have been cutting open my feet on both the top edge and bottom edge. He sent me a set of 2 that were exactly the same as the ones that came with the mattress that didn’t fit.

More recently the plastic foot at the head of the bed broke apart leaving the mattress slanted and the metal post digging into my carpet. I called the brick and they sent over a “technician” who said he’d order a new plastic post to replace it. That was approximately a month ago and since then the one on the other side broke too. I am sorely dissapointed and disgusted with the quality of this god-awful frame. I will be going to Ikea this weekend to invest in a better one. I am also very dissapointed with the lack of action from the Brick. I will not be shopping there again.

Here is the frame:

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    Anne says...

    I purchased my mattress and box spring at a store that sells only beds & futons. I put white socks on the end close to the wall so it would not damage the wall. (this was an idea given to me by the young fellow that delivered everything and took my old set away. Otherwise no problems.

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    Tony says...

    And I thought it was just the “brick” stores here in quebec which were a bunch of useless idi*ts. I guess it is part of thier training on how to be grossly incompetent..

    My tenant ordered a fridge from the Brick, and they delivered the wrong fridge 3 times (bunch of useless nuts). On the 4th time (and 2 weeks of hassles), they delivered the right fridge, but it was damaged.. Told them to take it back, he got a refund, he went to Corbeil (quebec outfit of close to 30 stores, which has started expanding to ontario), ordered a similar fridge for a similar price, and had it delivered the next morning with no problems.

    My inlaws just bought a queen size Sealy set from a quebec outfit called Dormez-Vous.. All they sell is matresses and beds..

    They had a nice sale going on called the “Mix and Match sale”. Basically you buy a Matress and Springbox, and if you don’t mind having non-matching prints on them (ie: same size and all, but NOT identical print matches.. 1 may be all white, and the other light colored stripes - not that most of us care anyhow, since they sheets and bed skirts will cover anyhow), they give you a nice discount. They got close to $450 off the regular price.

    Thier old bed was a double, but they weren’t sure if the frame would adjust to accomodate a queen, and they didn’t remember if it had a center support, so instead of selling them one, the salesman threw one in for **free**, if they were willing to take delivery of it within the next 48 hours since they needed the space in the warehouse.. Oh ya and free delivery, and they narrow your delivery to a 3 hour window (unlike the brick last time that they locked me in for the whole day waiting…). They delivered it, setup the new frame, set in the matresses, and thier old bed was taken away to be donated at no charge.

    Great service overall from them. I hate the brick, and I refuse to buy anything from them anymore. The frustration with the brick, is just not worth it. I don’t care whatever promo they have.

    Here in Quebec, Dormez-vous gets all my mattress needs, and Corbeil gets all my appliance requirements.. Most people I know have gotten frustrated with the brick, and I don’t understand why many go back.

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    Say What says...

    The Brick is horrible
    We have bought couch sets that have broke within a years time (warrantee voided for scrathes)

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    Chase says...

    Ah, the Brick. Beat this one: we moved into a new home in August 2007. A few weeks before we moved in, we bought (cash down) a $2,000 bedroom set - bedframe, headboard, dresser, nightstands, mirror etc. The salesman said that it would be “two weeks max” before they had some in stock. Two weeks pass, they say there’s a hold-up with the manufacturer and it’ll be another couple weeks. More time passes, we move in with no bed, mattress gets to go on the floor. The Brick makes some excuse about unexpectedly high demand.

    Eventually around November we go in an speak to a manager, who reveals that about 80 people around Ontario have been waiting for the same thing for months. Apparently they don’t see a problem advertising a product right at the front of the store with a special display, when they don’t have any and won’t have any for months. More promises.

    This continues until February when two delivery guys bring it in. One of them begins to assemble it per the purchase agreement, the other one says it’s not his job to do that and borrows our phone to call his manager to try to get out of doing the job. They put the bed together wrong. They tear up the midbeam with their drill trying to get the screws out to put it together correctly. One of them realizes that someone forgot to pack the nightstand drawers in the box. They say that they are employed by the delivery company, not the Brick, and if we don’t like it we have to call the Brick.

    The one bright spot! The Brick sends a “furniture technician”, who appears to be the only person in their organization who knows what a bed is meant to look like. He brings replacement parts and reassembles the bed. He also manages to get the nightstand drawers: the Brick manager had told us that “fewer than expected drawers arrived so you didn’t get any”. How the heck do you have a supplier who just sends what he feels like sending, and how are you comfortable telling the customer that? Anyway, that was the end of it.

    Sad thing is, the product is actually really nice and worth the money - but I would never use the Brick again because of the service we got.

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    Brenda says...

    I don’t like shopping at the Brick just for the fact when you try to go in and browse the salespeople are always following you and they hide behind something and spy on you. When you stop to look at something they jump out at you. I just feel I can’t look freely without being watched like a hawk.

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    Sandy says...

    We brought a sectional sofa set from the brick in Brampton, Kennedy rd in the last tent sale. When we opened the sofa up the was a big tear on the leather, when we called the customer service, they basically said we were stuck with it and no way can we return anything! they are all a bunch of useless dumb F****!! Never in the store do they say they have a no returns policy on any of the items. Will never shop there again

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    Catherine says...

    I still get automated calls from them telling me about thier upcoming sales… be sure to tell them to remove your name from their calling list!!! Do NOT shop at the Brick!

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    Nicole says...

    Me and my fiance moved in to our first place together and because we are just starting out we needed furniture. I hunted high and low to find stuff that I like, and that wouldn’t leave us bankrupt. The Brick had their “birthday sale” and had a bed set, kitchen table and a sofa for really decent prices for what I wanted. Well we ordered online choosing to get it delivered because it was actually cheaper than the gas we would use to pick it up in store. Well I ordered my furniture Aug 19th and it is now Oct 4th.
    First it was that the kitchen table wasn’t in stock that was fine, it was suppose to be in stock within the week. Well then it turned into a “high demand” item so it wasn’t going to be in stock for awhile. Fine, we opted to get some of our furniture delivered while we wait for our table to come in. Well the day that “some” of my furniture was going to be delivered we get a phone call saying that our delivery is now going to cost us $250, instead of the $99.95 that we were quoted online and now the furniture cannot be delivered that day.
    So now I have been trying to call them to raise some s**t about the $250 delivery charge (which nowhere on my invoice or while I was ordering did it say that I could be chraged extra for delivery) but everytime I try to call no one seems to be able to help me with my order.
    I’m going to call one more time and if it goes nowhere I want a complete refund.

    PS: Me and my fiance have no furniture in our house, our mattress is on the floor of our room, we are sitting on a blanket on the floor in our living room and sitting at a tiny bistro set to eat our meals. I WILL NOT SHOP WITH THE BRICK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dillon Fuhri says...

    far whippy to the achromatic armchair couch. their the unexceeded when it comes to base transformation

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    Sue says...

    We purchased several items from the Brick Ottawa and had nothing but problems with everything. They sent the wrong mattress and wanted us to pay for the re-delivery. Our couch had a rip and the dining set is crap. We will never purchase from them again. They have the worst customer service ever and there products are like seconds. Save yourself some time and just go elsewhere.

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    Bryan Jones says...

    I think all of us has been a Brick/Leons victim during our lives.

    You buy ‘reasonably’ priced furniture, but at delivery time you realize you might not have made the best decision. The delivery men roughly handle your new purchase as if they are tossing around garbage (which it will ultimately be in a few years).

    I remember they literally threw my couch at least 3-4 times. I don’t care if there was padding, I was like WTF!?!

    If possibly, you are better off going with a company that might be more costly in the short term (ie. Ashley’s), but your stuff will last. And even though delivery will cost you, your stuff won’t be thrown around.

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    Marvis Greenbaum says...

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    Monica says...

    I bought the same metal bed frame from Leons and cut BOTH of my feet while changing the sheets. The frames are so sharp, I feel violated that a bedframe would cut me so badly. My left foot has a red scar and took forever to heal. Now my right foot is cut and who knows how long that will heal. I am so annoyed and in slight pain. I think a class action lawsuit is in action. I mean, what if children are present or even have one in their rooms, they would get cut. It’s terrible, they should not even sell those metal bed frames.

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    Mario Charron says...

    I’ve purchased kitchen appliances late November at the Brick store in Gatineau Qc. Very good experience. Although they’ve just had moved with another delivery company (Fred Guy) from Ottawa. When delivery came the driver was as ignorant as they come, from telling my wife to put her cigarette out to tell her to put the dog away (a pomeranian). I’ve sign the deliery bill with a not in bracket (subject to be rechecked). After they left my wife notice two small scratches on the door. Beleive it or not thay claim that I’ve sign everything OK and the note in bracket don’t mean aq thing for them. As for the Brick I’ve spoke with Genevieve at the Gatineau store and she refuse to back me up on this. Last Goddamn time I buy from Brick store and once they have your money your consideer as “SHIT”

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