Woolite Oxy Deep Power Shot - Best Carpet Cleaner Ever

by Dea

When I moved into my condo last year, I noticed that there were some really nasty stains on the cream coloured carpet - red wine, spaghetti sauce, and who knows what else, but it was so gross and disgusting.

I finally decided/remembered to buy something to clean it up, and I bought the Woolite Power Shot. I followed the directions, and voila! the stains were completely gone and the carpet didn’t have white spots that come with the “bleached effect”.

I am thrilled to have clean looking carpets! I would recommend this to product to everyone who wants to clean their rugs or carpets.

My only complaint would be that for $7 or so that I paid for it, it didn’t really go far. It cleaned up about 5 stains and the whole can was empty.

But… a great product nonetheless!

6 Responses to “Woolite Oxy Deep Power Shot - Best Carpet Cleaner Ever”

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    bunnybuster78 says...

    you should use coupon!…thanks for the recommendation, I will buy one with my coupon :)

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    munira says...

    How do we get a coupon for this?

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    RICK LOISELLE says...

    great product but the nozzle doesn’t work, so i have almost a full bottle of oxy deep that I can’t use

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    Daisy says...

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