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Sears Canada Appliance Problem

By Thomas

Very Bad Experience with the purchase of Appliances - Dishwasher, etc from Sears.

Had installation problems and problems with the Appliances which were ignored. I could not reach anybody for assistance. My calls were not returned.

I still have ongoing problems with the appliances that remain unresolved.

They also charged me twice for the same appliances. Unfortunately I had put the charge on my Sears Card. The Card company wanted me to contact the Salesman who I could never reach. I finally forced a chargeback with much difficulty.

I will never buy appliances from Sears again.


Problem With Raincheck at Sherway Sears

By Arleen

I had a raincheck for a toaster oven from Sears. Tried unsuccessfully to reach dept. by phone, operator finally took my telephone number and details and said someone would get back to me. Waited 3 days still no call so called again and asked for the Store Manager (not Dept. Mgr). That was 4 weeks ago and still waiting. Customer Service no longer exists at Sears and I will be taking my business elsewhere, there are lots of companies that would like my business I am sure.


Great Customer Service from Kraft

By Karabana

The Mr. bought me Kraft whipped peanut butter to try. I was surprisingly disappointed with the taste, it wasn’t peanutty at all, more oily & bland. I emailed Kraft, and they responded saying they would mail me replacement vouchers which I should get in 14 business days. After 18 business days without receiving them, I emailed saying I had not received them, please resend. I did eventually get them, and the resent ones, too. So I have 4 vouchers for any Kraft peanut butter, up to $5.49 value. :-) Great customer service!


Bad Service at Burger King Kelowna BC

By Rick Tanner

I get treated very badly at this outlet this is the only restaurant in western canada that is this way. I went through the drive thru and I’m a regular there (no more) the manager told me he wouldn’t give me my order cause i didn’t pull up as asked bvt other instances have been made waiting behind others for long times and never said anything. Is this guy on drugs ? he definitely lshould be tested and not work around the public.


Great Customer Service From Beyond The Rack

By Lara

I feel compelled to write in defense of BTR as I recently had a surprisingly excellent customer service experience with them. I ordered a gorgeousTommy Hilfiger winter coat but it fit a little too big, so I called to ask if I could exchange it, but was told they had completely sold out. I returned it using their pre-paid shipping label and received an e-mail with my credit a few days later. It appeared as if they hadn’t refunded my tax, so I called to ask them to adjust my credit accordingly. An extremely nice customer service rep, Camille, took my call and agreed it looked as if there had been a mistake. When she checked with her supervisor, she was informed that what they had done was added the tax to my total, then deducted for the pre-paid shipping label I used, which left me with the amount I was originally credited. This made perfect sense, as I knew when I mailed it off that the cost of return shipping would be deducted, but somehow I had forgotten to factor it in. I laughed and admitted my oversight, and she very kindly offered me a bonus five-dollar credit, anyway. I was completely taken aback. You NEVER come across that kind of customer appreciation anymore. BTR is not a scam, period.


Black’s Photography

By Krissy

So, here is my issue…. Not sure if I am the only one here, but just thought I should share my experience with online processing at Black’s Photography.

I have ordered a set of 6 by 8 prints last week. I was pretty sure my prints are to be printed as non-bordered. But when I picked up my order, 3 prints had border and the other 3 didnt. I emailed them, and he or she tells me to go back to my local Black’s to have my prints done again. I told them it’s ok this time. She also advises me that it is their fault and their system is having a problem.

They were friendly, but I didn’t have time to get them reprinted, so I told them they are fine. And I asked them to have my other order processed without the border. (There was another order pending, and they were processed to have non-borders on them as well) I confirmed, and assumed that my prints will come out without border.

When I picked up my prints again today for my order, guess what, all of them had borders!!! I told the Associate that my order specifically had “NON-BORDERED” checked. It was also written on the hard cardboard envelop.

So, he goes “ok…” A phone rings, and he picks up the phone while I am still at the cash standing waiting for his instruction. (If I should wait or come back…) He talks on his cell for a while, and when the receipt comes out, he hands it to me without saying a word, still talking on his cell phone. I thought that was just very unprofessional. I shouldn’t feel bad asking for MY prints, in this case, they made the error on their system. Just a unpleasant experience.

I go to Black’s to have all my prints done, including prints of my cute little nephew’s as I know they will do them right. But I think online processing needs to be fixed. Sometimes, I don’t have time to go back and forth as it takes my time and effort (at least a day or two)

For now, it’s a better idea to use their stores instead of submitting my orders online.

Their online system needs to be fixed!!!


Mark’s Work Warehouse Has Lost a Customer or Two

By fennyjenny

On Friday Oct. 21, my friend and i were doing some shopping at the Oshawa Centre, at 850 we went to Marks Work Wearhouse to look at scrubs. After selecting some, my friend and I each found a pair of boots to buy along with a jacket. A sales associate approached us and asked if we needed help. We said we would like to see a jacket on the wall as well. She huffed and puffed and said she was unable to serve us as the store was closed. There was a line of four customers at the cash. We put down the boots, scrubs and pj’s we planned to purchase and left the store. We emailed the company to express our dissatisfaction,and got a polite thanks for the information response. The manager of the oshawa did leave a voicemail on my friends machine.It makes me question where customer service went?


Disappointed in Canadian Tire

By Marilynn Moore

We were at the Canadian Tire store in Wasaga beach in late July. Lights for outside mounted on the wall were on sale for $17.99. there were none in stock but we were given a rain cheque for two lights and the man took our phone number and said he would call us when they came in and then we would have 30 days to get them. We checked a few times in late July and mid August and none had come in. We waited for a phone call and never received one and when we went in in October we were told that the 30 days had expired and we could not have them for the sale price. We were very disappointed in the Canadian store.


Bad Experiences With Bell Canada

By musiclifesoul

So i’ve had a few bad experiences with BELL Canada before with a mobile phone which i disconnected, but i stayed with thier home service which i figured they would never be able to screw this up.

So i had been a long time customer with them for 6+ years and then i had to move to another city to a new home, thats when things got ugly.

As a long time customer i gave them the chance to provide me with a deal to continue and they did, by adding a couple more features, but still managed to add an extra $2bucks on the bill. There was no charge for transferring the line or providing a new number they waived all of that. Now heres where it got ugly. I was promised and then emailed the confirmation of the line installed on Sept 2nd between 11am -5pm. I was off work so i stayed home. i called at 4:45pm because i hadnt heard from them and the rep told me nobody would be able to come as they had alot of work etc. i was upset as i spent a wasted day at home.I had no choice as they had already disconnected my old number so i had no phone and had to wait until Tuesday after the holiday for a technician.

Technician comes out and installs the line etc. Works for about an hour and the line goes dead. I call back after being on hold for almost 3hrs and they tell me they have to charge me if theres an external issue around $80 bucks. I say “hell no” hang up and call a competitor who was able to install the line and a cheaper discount rate.

I wake up a couple days later to find a Bell Technician truck in my driveway. ???? i was pissed. Yelled at the technician to stop working and called Bell yet again. The tech says they get dispatched after each dis-satisfied call? which is a complete lie. I call back Bell, needless to say, it took me over 7 days to cancel the lines, up until this day if you call my old number , theres a message telling people to call a new number that was supposed to be issued to me and then for the icing on the cake..wait for it….

I check my mail and theres a charge of over $75 for costs to a line i never used or had? Bell needs to get their act together. For me , i switched, i had enough of it.


Team Buy Finally Refunded Me

By mandolinatou

I bought a certificate in June from team buy for laser hair removal at “Laser sont nous” in was an unlimited 12 month deal and I planned to start using it in September. The end of August rolled around so I started trying to call to schedule my first appointment. The place I got the 275 dollar certificate from would answer the phone and put me on hold for 15-20 minutes. If I hung up and redialed they would answer and again put me on hold until I hung up. I never got to schedule an appointment. They changed their name and made another round of certificates in September. I kept trying to call…and kept getting put on hold (morning, afternoon, later afternoon). I never got an appointment. I complained in writing 4 times with team buy and called team buy once. I am finally being told that I am being issued a refund from Team Buy. It’s my first bad group buying experience. I am happy to get the refund….but I felt it was a lot of hassle to get my money back.

I have no doubt this laser hair company was purposely over-compacity….buyer beware with larger purchases and any laser hair places located in Dorval.



By Alex2412

I saw this advertizing on Rogers Website . I answered yes to a question if I want to win Iphone and input my phone numeber . I was under impression that this is Rogers web site..Then I started to receive Trivia questions which i didnt respond …Now I get a Bill from Rogers for 26 dollars…What a scam …I ll defenetly go to small court ….There is quite a simple questions !) How such reputable company as Rogers can cooperate with such a scammers giving them both - their website and then acting as a billing party for them..???? Unbelievable….


LOU LOU Bait & Switch

By Sunshine88

I ordered the Lou Lou magazine promotion in the beginning of August that came with the bonus SPC card. After waiting 2 months and it still not being here, I called to complain. The agent told me that they have sent a replacement gift which is a hand cream, in lieu of my SPC card.

So being extremely annoyed that I waited this long and then being told that they pretty much switched up my item, I got pretty angry and started telling him about how frustrating that is I wait this long, miss out on all these opportunities to use my SPC card, etc. So he goes to talk to his manager or whatever, and then comes back and tells me that they have the SPC card which requires ID, but not the adult ID card, which is fine because I do have a student ID, but why must they wait until I have actually cancelled the subscription and pretty much yelled at the guy to tell their agents this?!

I’m still irritated that now I have to wait another 6-8 weeks for this SPC card to arrive, so by the time it comes, it’ll be Christmas. Ugh, moral of the story: Follow up with Lou Lou and if you don’t, you may only end up with a replacement item, and not get what you’re actually waiting for!

And don’t worry, I did apologize to the guy for being so b*tchy and frustrated with this whole ordeal, can anyone else relate?! UGH!



By Pebbles83

I work at LD and I can personally confirm that this issue of where cashiers are providing inadequate information regarding sale conditions and gift card usage and i have personally experienced the rudeness, and it’s upsetting! I have also seen how they act towards customers (and I work there) yes it indeed exists!


Rule: you go to buy something after your shift and at the checkout u find out that the combination of products to recieve the advertised promotion wasn’t met and u opt to either go get the correct ones or u opt to not get any at all…. WELL HOW MANY OF U EXPECT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST TO TELL U: well go put these back…. HELLO? AS FAR AS ANYONE IS CONCERNED, u don’t tell a customer to go out of their way to put things back when they change their mind about buying it, but cuz u work there I guess they think its ok to act differently! It’s not! I was off shift! So as far as they are concerned I’m just like u, a regular customer! How rude!


Great Service @ XS Cargo Scarborough Kennedy Rd Location‏

By Sam

i always buy from this location..

i bought violin for beginers but when i brought it home and checked it that it had broken wire, eventhough they said earlier to me no refunds.

since there were no more in stock, they did refunded full payment…

the got good stuff at scarborough location

idk about other locations

the staff are really nice her


High Bill from Bell Canada

By Sam

about 8 months ago bell canada nearly give me a heart attack.. not really

no contract signed up for internet with them. for the past five years i m with rogers and they r really good compared to bell…anyways

at the end of the month i see my bill and the charged me $300 for internet usage.. i bearly used 90GB of 150GB that i was promissed with…

that was a lie… i found out later. that the sales person never changed it on my account,,, it was 20GB instead of 150 GB. after few days of talk.. the credited my account and i cancelled my plan and went back to rogers… very bad experience