By Alex2412

I saw this advertizing on Rogers Website . I answered yes to a question if I want to win Iphone and input my phone numeber . I was under impression that this is Rogers web site..Then I started to receive Trivia questions which i didnt respond …Now I get a Bill from Rogers for 26 dollars…What a scam …I ll defenetly go to small court ….There is quite a simple questions !) How such reputable company as Rogers can cooperate with such a scammers giving them both - their website and then acting as a billing party for them..???? Unbelievable….

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    Tara says...

    Just call the the number listed for the third party charge. We got all of the money back that was charges to the account, they were only going to give us half back, but we had been on-line and saw that there has been 76 Better Business claims against. All for misleading advertising, and we told them we would have no problem being the 77 claim. Received the cheque on Wed.

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    minime says...

    always read the fine print…

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    qponsaver says...

    this happened to my boyfriend and you would not believe how much he was charged !!!! his bill was $120 dollars! normally $40-$50! I was shocked. we didnt do anyhting but maybe we should

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