Team Buy Finally Refunded Me

By mandolinatou

I bought a certificate in June from team buy for laser hair removal at “Laser sont nous” in was an unlimited 12 month deal and I planned to start using it in September. The end of August rolled around so I started trying to call to schedule my first appointment. The place I got the 275 dollar certificate from would answer the phone and put me on hold for 15-20 minutes. If I hung up and redialed they would answer and again put me on hold until I hung up. I never got to schedule an appointment. They changed their name and made another round of certificates in September. I kept trying to call…and kept getting put on hold (morning, afternoon, later afternoon). I never got an appointment. I complained in writing 4 times with team buy and called team buy once. I am finally being told that I am being issued a refund from Team Buy. It’s my first bad group buying experience. I am happy to get the refund….but I felt it was a lot of hassle to get my money back.

I have no doubt this laser hair company was purposely over-compacity….buyer beware with larger purchases and any laser hair places located in Dorval.

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    sally says...

    Im not impressed with Team Buy at all.

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    Jamie says...

    TeamBuy routinely deals with sub-par companies. I ran into the same thing with a Bootcamp class and now with another product voucher for “Uber-Casa”.

    In my experience the TeamBuy business is shoddy at best. I would whole-heartedly recommend any other group buying website because I have bought things from almost all of the other ones and NEVER had a problem like I have with Teambuy.

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    Vivian says...

    TeamBuy refunded me in “TeamBuy Dollars” after I was unable to complete the package I purchased for Laser Hair removal from Cristalla (Winnipeg company). The service was so awful I had to call Winnipeg police to report the injury (assualt) and I made a complaint to the Better BUsiness Bureau. Cristalla never cooperated with the Better Busineass Bureau nor did the owner ever call me back after promising to.

    I informed TeamBuy of the service, and stated how Cristalla blamed TeamByy for deceiving customers to sale more deals, TeamBuy refunded me in credit but still continue to advertise and sell deals for Cristalla.

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    Katie says...

    Wow, so disgusted with Teambuy and all of these online deal companies. Specifically Village Health SPA and avatay cleaning. There seems to be no regard for the customer, commmon sense and business ethics are out the window. I purchased a Teambuy voucher last year for cleaning services through Avatay Cleaning…I have tried to contact them through their phone #, email and facebook…over 10 attempts on my behalf, all ignored. Emailed Teambuy, and they ignored…so I called them today in person and was told many customers are calling in saying they are getting NO response from Avatay….Teambuy REFUSES to give a refund, only a teambuy credit…all the reps have this line that it is “physically impossible” to give a refund…I don’t even think they realize what they are saying…physically impossible? LOL. Even though Teambuy knows avatay cleaning has disappeared and is not honouring vouchers, they still refuse to give refunds back to peoples credit cards….and will not budge. As far as village health spa, I purchased lazer hair removal and was blown away at how painful her machine is (I’ve had lazer at 2 other reputable places and NOTHING feels like the machine at village health spa)….also, I have since found out that she has burnt mulitiple people with her lazer machine, leaving permanent scarring. Wow, I’m so fed up of crappy companies.

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    Lisa says...

    Honestly, DO NOT buy from Teambuy, they do not treat their customers with any respect. This is a response that one of their reps sent me:

    “Considering the voucher expired by the time you have emailed we do not have to process a refund at all. Whine as much as you want this is not going to change what your options are. The credit has been applied to your account.”

    P.S. My voucher was not expired, it was still active.

    Buy from them if you want to be spoken to this way.

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    Kathleen says...

    Thanks for all the reviews. I recently had a terrible experience with another deals website (kgbdeals, stay away from them too) and decided to look into Team Buy before buying one of their deals–so glad I did!

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