Bad Experiences With Bell Canada

By musiclifesoul

So i’ve had a few bad experiences with BELL Canada before with a mobile phone which i disconnected, but i stayed with thier home service which i figured they would never be able to screw this up.

So i had been a long time customer with them for 6+ years and then i had to move to another city to a new home, thats when things got ugly.

As a long time customer i gave them the chance to provide me with a deal to continue and they did, by adding a couple more features, but still managed to add an extra $2bucks on the bill. There was no charge for transferring the line or providing a new number they waived all of that. Now heres where it got ugly. I was promised and then emailed the confirmation of the line installed on Sept 2nd between 11am -5pm. I was off work so i stayed home. i called at 4:45pm because i hadnt heard from them and the rep told me nobody would be able to come as they had alot of work etc. i was upset as i spent a wasted day at home.I had no choice as they had already disconnected my old number so i had no phone and had to wait until Tuesday after the holiday for a technician.

Technician comes out and installs the line etc. Works for about an hour and the line goes dead. I call back after being on hold for almost 3hrs and they tell me they have to charge me if theres an external issue around $80 bucks. I say “hell no” hang up and call a competitor who was able to install the line and a cheaper discount rate.

I wake up a couple days later to find a Bell Technician truck in my driveway. ???? i was pissed. Yelled at the technician to stop working and called Bell yet again. The tech says they get dispatched after each dis-satisfied call? which is a complete lie. I call back Bell, needless to say, it took me over 7 days to cancel the lines, up until this day if you call my old number , theres a message telling people to call a new number that was supposed to be issued to me and then for the icing on the cake..wait for it….

I check my mail and theres a charge of over $75 for costs to a line i never used or had? Bell needs to get their act together. For me , i switched, i had enough of it.

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    Matthew Bin says...

    With so many other options, there’s no reason to be with Bell any more. I use a small ISP for high-speed internet (TekSavvy) and Vonage for my phone. Haven’t used Bell for four years and I couldn’t be happier.

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    Ashley says...

    I recently HAD to get Bell because for some stupid reason the city I just moved to doesn’t have rogers internet?! Anyways the person who opened my account assured me that I could do a self install and just plug everything in and have internet once my modem arrived in the mail. I get home to find I have an angry voice mail on my existing phone and a note because I wasn’t there for the technician who was never booked!!! Believe me if I didn’t HAVE to go to Bell for my internet I wouldn’t have!

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    bonzaiblues says...

    @musiclifesoul….I can totally feel your pain with Bell. First up, they continue to charge for touchtone service, when rotary phones have been obsolete for many many years.
    I have been a Videotron member for the last few years and decided that I would switch to Bell again after seeing what packages they had to offer. Bell told me that I would be responsible for disconnecting my cable and internet with my current provider. As requested, I contacted my provider to let them know that I was switching companies, and naturally, they were able to give me a great deal. I then decided to contact Bell and tell them not to send a technician as I was keeping my existing provider. I tried several times to contact them with no luck. The technicians showed up and I apologised for their inconvenience.
    Thinking that all was settled with this, a couple of months later I receive a bill from Bell, for a large sum. I therefore continued to call and try to rectify the situation. No one at Bell was able to locate my file as I didn’t have a file number, nor did entering my supposed new number. I don’t know how many times I actually had to contact Bell to get this situation in order. So frustrating when you are being billed for services you don’t have.
    After receiving numerous bills and getting angrier by the minute, I finally spoke to someone in billing who assured me that all was taken care of and that a confirmation would be sent via email. A few days later, yes, there was an email, however, the credit was not for the total amount. Last month, I received, yet another bill from Bell asking for more money.
    How can such a large corporation keep billing persons who do not have any services? This company leaves me frazzled and confused and I guarantee that I will never ever use their services again…..

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    Anonymous British Guy says...

    Hey, I know I’m British but I know a few Canadians and from what I’ve heard, Bell are NOT a good service (for home at least, most people I know are on Rogers for mobile :P).

    If you can, I’d go with a fibre optic provider like Shaw as the speeds are pretty fast or use a smaller ISP. Believe it or not, smaller ISPs often have better infrastructures and they can offer you a much faster and more reliable service than a big company like Bell.

    Hope this helps! :)

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    juniperjune says...

    I had the same problems with Bell. No line was installed but they billed me for it. I had moved and was trying to return their PVR’s. There was a mail strike and they kept sending the boxes to my old address. After 3 months they finally got the return boxes to me and sent back. Then they charged me $900 for not returning them. On and on. Bell FIBE was a wonderful product with 0 customer service. They are morons and I WILL NEVER go back. I will wait for Videotron to have the Fiber optic service in my area.

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    Eclipse says...

    My boyfriend and I got bell not long ago, and ended up moving into a new building shortly after. Bell told us that there would be no penalty because they dont service our new building. Then we got a call from bell 3 days after we moved into the new building, and had already cancelled with them, telling us that they just installed their server into our new building, and so we now have to stay with them. They gave us an install date etc…we stuck with it because it was more convenient then having to switch to a new provider. however, we questioned their knowledge on the server now being in the building so quickly, and they told us they would call us within 24hrs, and that if we did not receive a call it would be terminated. By this point we werent happy. They never called us within 24hrs, we tried calling them and the “office was closed”…ridiculous. We called the next day and they said, the installer is still coming tonight and you cant cancel it. Mean while they told us, it would be terminated if we didnt get confirmation of the server being in the building. Again, we let it slide, and they said ok, we will call you back in 1 hr with confirmation that the installer will be there tonight, and the server is in your building, if you dont get a call within an hour, the account will be cancelled. Guess what, they never called. Again we called them back, and said thats it, you told us it was done, it was already cancelled when we moved, all of this never should have started in the first place, and now they are going to charge us $200 for cancelation. meanwhile we cancelled when they told us they couldnt service our building, and there would be no penalty. I am soooo furious with them, i never wanted them in the first place, because everyone knows how terrible they are with there service. We signed up with cogeco, havent had a single issue yet, and they called us to confirm when we would be home so they could arrive shortly after, and they did. Couldnt ask for better customer service from cogeco so far.

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    Bestbing says...

    Bell Canada has the worst service and if you have choice never choose bell! They made mistake and tried to charge me more than $200 equipment fee. After calling them numreous times they said it has rectified each time but I keep receiving bills with the same charge. A report was sent to credit beaurue because I didn’t pay the bill! I was furious! How can they treat costerms like this? How can such a stupid company still survive?

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