Loblaws Replacing Coffee Machines?

By Anon.

Don’t know if this is happening at all the Loblaws’ stores, but they are replacing the coffee we purchase at the RCSS in Kitchener with a vending machine. The price is basically doubling and vending machine coffee is usually not that great. Customers and staff are up in arms. Why would they do this? Many people will stop purchasing coffee there. Timmie’s business just increased! What a crock! Employees will also lose the use of their discount. Do you realize how many of the staff purchase coffee in a day? in a week? One more reason to go elsewhere.

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    Annie says...

    I wondered what the big fuss was about around the new coffee machine in the Ottawa RCSS. That sounds like a “crock” for sure, especially for the employees. It’s the same type of machine that my car dealership has that offers free coffee to customers, so I thought, “Oh, nice - Loblaws is offering free coffee while you shop.” Little did I know! So sorry to hear that the employees are being gouged like this. What a farce.

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    Meredith says...

    I went to RCSS on Saturday and remembered from my last visit that the coffee was now Van Houtte from a vending machine so I brought my own… I used to love their coffee.

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    Maria says...

    I used the coffee machine for the first time today. After going through several screens to select what I wanted, it asked me to deposit $1.50 in exact change. WHAT????????????? I never carry exact cash any more. No where on the machine does it say “cash” only. Nor is there are price and selection list. Anyways, I found two quarters and a loonie and the machine displayed that I’d entered 50 cents. Naturally, I pressed “Cancel” I got $1.50 back. I tried to get the attention of the employee at the back to find out why this had happened. She was not at all interested and, besides, had more important things to do than respond to my loud, clear, voice request. I guess I’ll pick up my coffee at Timothy’s or Aroma on the way in next time.

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