Frankies In Uxbridge Canada

By Sue

While I know most reviews are for big chain stores, wanted to say something for the little, local guys. Are family shops often in Port Huron for things such as clothing, shoes and even groceries. When the cost if a quarter of what it would be at home, it makes economic sense. HOWEVER, we do try very hard to shop in locally owned stores when we shop at home (London) or away from home (visiting relatives). Frankies in Uxbridge was one of those places and such a treasure. Their entire line is gluten-free and their staff and the owner we super delightful and answered so many questions. (Oh, where were these places 20 years ago, eh?) Our visit to Uxbridge and to Frankies that there are people who love what they do and that energy and quality is worth paying for. She apparently also has a restaurant there which we’ll stop in next time we’re in Uxbridge.

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