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Dormez-Vous, don’t waste your money!‏

By Juniperjune

My husband and I bought pillows at Dormez-Vous on Jean Talon, St-Leonard, this past September. We got the memory foam pillows. My husband’s cost $150 and I got a $100 pillow. His pillow is fine, but mine was not. It goes flat and does not bounce back. I end up with a pancake. They exchanged it no problem. I did this 4 times! Now my neck and back are a mess, I go to an Osteopath each week, but after sleeping on this pillow, I am in pain all over again!

The 5th time I went to the store the clerk suggested I take a different pillow, as I was not about to fork over an additional $50 and get the pillow my husband got. Really, after 4 defective pillows I have to pay more??? I don’t think so. However, she did not tell me to make sure it was a good fit, as I could not return it. I got home, and it was way too high. Now she said to take this one as the other one went flat.

So, she promptly told me that she could not return it, company policy, and that she was not about to get fired over this. Yeah right, trying to make me feel guilty? Like they would fire her, not likely! So for a $100 pillow they will loose a customer. My last mattress I bought cost me $1500. Isn’t the pillow the cheapest item in the store? I called their customer service, and the lady I spoke to was such a PILL! She could not care less, she read from a script, was monotone, and offered no assistance or compensation. She could give a S**t. Apparently a manager is going to call me back. You think he will call?

So because I have 4 DEFECTIVE PILLOWS, their products are not of a good quality and standard, I am out of $100 plus taxes, and they could care less, I have to suffer. Now, over $100 pillow that is not worth anything I will bad mouth Dormez-Vous and blog about it and never ever spend another dime there and recommend to everyone I encounter to go to Costco to buy a $30 memory foam pillow and go to sears to buy their mattress. My baby’s mattress will come from Sears, not Dormez-Vous. So there goes more than $100 in someone else’s pocket. But then again, they don’t care.