Monthly Archive for May, 2011


Spicy Pizza and Wings Double Billed Me

by I am M

Spicy Pizza & Wings located at 5637 Finch Ave E Scarborough, ON M1B 5K9 scammed me by double billing me for a large pizza and wings combo. Their telephone order taker stated that my $25- prepaid Amex gift card was invalid so I paid in cash. Months later, I found out that the gift card had a NIL balance and discovered that Spicy Pizza & Wings took $25- from the gift card on the same day in which they claimed was invalid. I wonder whose signature they have on the receipt before they submitted it to Amex. The owner, Ram Uthyan requested a copy of the transaction by email. I did not hear back from Mr. Uthyan after I sent him the email.


DEL Property Management Inc. (Part of Tridel Group of Companies)‏

By Mary

DEL Property Management Inc. and Wilson Poon, Property Manager, Grace Lee, former Assistant Property Manager and their contractors harassed and made fun of me as a single woman, discriminated against me and scammed my family and me by not allowing various couriers like Canada Post, FEDEX, UPS, Purolator, small individual courier companies, and even my parents one time into the TRIDEL built building. I purchased my unit from Tridel. Security at the gatehouse would tell the delivery people that no such and such person(s) lived here. The parcels would be marked unknown and returned to the sender. My family and I have won over $22,000- in contest prizes over a year ago. Imagine what the Sponsors are thinking when they receive the parcels back as unknown. We lost our prizes for good. We also ordered things and had the things returned back to the sender as unknown too. I complained to Mr. Poon and Ms. Lee and they stated that security only lets delivery people in to deliver for the owner only just like how they accept parcels for the owner only. Mr. Poon also stated that he does not have to let any delivery people into the building for security reasons because he does not believe that the parcels are paid for. Like who is going to send something out that is not paid for. Mr. Poon said to not tell Del Property Management about the above or else he’ll fabricate another one of his stories about me. I wrote to the President of the Board of our Condo Corporation, Victor Thompson over a year ago. Mr. Thompson said to deal with Property Management over and over again.

I feel so humiliated and harassed right now!


People’s Jewellers Complaint

By Steph

thanks for sharing your online shopping experience with people’s. unfortunately i too have experienced similar online return policy issues with other major stores such as future shop. recently i purchased a diamond wedding band and a diamond pendant from people’s to my surprise they do not issue appraisals for their diamonds unless its a diamond solitute ring usually intended for once in a lifetime engagements. what a crooked way of making people pay an extra $50 for an appraisal.


Popeye’s = Yuck

By pissed

I went to Popeyes for the first time today…..I will never go back again! The chicken was so greasy the coating was sliding off, they forgot my biscuit ( which I never did get……no napkins were offered ( however the manager did notice and brought me some ) no ketchup etc provided! For a first impression, obviously it a good one! I doubt they will be in business long if this the standard across the board!


Old Navy, St. John NB

By shawn

I was recently at the Old Navy sore in Saint John NB, and I just wanted to say the service was incredible. I am a 57 year old, hip woman that wants to keep up with fashion. When I go to some stores they blow you off because of your age , not a size 2 etc. My experience there was 5 star. Maxine at the cash was super as was the sales clerk.Happy customer will return again and again. Thank you


Winners…Not Such A Winner


I went shopping for green coloured clothing for my daughter for a play she is performing in on Wednesday. She is going to be a frog. It isn’t easy to find that colour for clothing for girls. I bought this one outfit at Winners, because although it had white bottoms, the top was cute and it was green, and I figured she could wear it this summer too, so it wouldn’t be an entire waste of money. Well, shortly after purchasing it, I went into another store and they had green yoga pants and jacket…perfect!! The perfect green too! My baby REALLY cranky at this point, so I sat down to feed her/play with her, and sent hubby back to return the original outfit from Winners, since I no longer needed it. I paid by bank card, not credit or anything. So he comes back, with the bag, and says that they won’t take it back as it was bought on credit. Hubby says “did you get a credit card and not tell me?” He wasn’t angry, but just confused. I look at the receipt and it CLEARLY says on there ‘direct debit purchase - chequing’. So, I go, taking the baby with me who is crying now, but I need to go because they only have a 10 day return policy and I don’t know if I will be back again before that time. So, we go, and I go up to the cash register, and I explain how hubby was just here trying to return, and they wouldn’t because they said it was ‘credit’, but it wasn’t…it was bank payment. So, they instantly get their backs up, say they will call the manager. I said, “no, I just need to go, my baby is fussy, can you please ring it through”. They don’t. They call the manager. She tells me (snotty like) that the reason why they wouldn’t take it from hubby was because it wasn’t the same bank card. I said that we have the same account, and how do they know it’s not? Also, that isn’t what they told hubby. Well, the lady was very rude…rude tone, smirking…this is the manager. So, I said, well, that’s too bad, that isn’t going to work for my family and I can’t see myself purchasing here in the future as hubby returns alot of my purchases. So then the snotty manager FINALLY rings through the return, and she says to me rudely “swipe your card”. I said “I can’t…you have my card” (She is holding it). She tosses/throws it at me. I believe it is just another way to make it hard to return items.