Old Navy, St. John NB

By shawn

I was recently at the Old Navy sore in Saint John NB, and I just wanted to say the service was incredible. I am a 57 year old, hip woman that wants to keep up with fashion. When I go to some stores they blow you off because of your age , not a size 2 etc. My experience there was 5 star. Maxine at the cash was super as was the sales clerk.Happy customer will return again and again. Thank you

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    Eric says...

    I like hearing good reviews. It’s like they teach people in sales - bad customer service - everyone will hear. Good customer service - maybe a few will. While I no longer live in Saint John, nor shop at Winners (do they even sell Men’s items?) it still makes me happy when you hear good things.

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    Eric says...

    lol, meant Old Navy. I was looking to the left and saw “Winners” in an unrelated article.

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    scott says...

    Winners is the best price/quality in Saint john. Their compare at price is for the exact item. Most in general about %50 off retail.Believe it or not but in many cases you get stuff for the same price as Wal-mart and the quality is like Guess,Nine west,really good stuff where as Wal-mart has junk like George.

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    Mark says...

    Old Navy stuff u wash once and its done. If it is not on sale the price is high. Very very POOR QUALITY.

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