Popeye’s = Yuck

By pissed

I went to Popeyes for the first time today…..I will never go back again! The chicken was so greasy the coating was sliding off, they forgot my biscuit ( which I never did get……no napkins were offered ( however the manager did notice and brought me some ) no ketchup etc provided! For a first impression, obviously it a good one! I doubt they will be in business long if this the standard across the board!

5 Responses to “Popeye’s = Yuck”

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    Bryan Jones says...

    I LOVE popeye’s chicken! Only for a treat once every few months though, because each piece is just LACED with fat!! Too bad you missed out on the buscuit, they are super awesome. Complaining doesn’t help much here; they’re not like McDonald’s who tries to make things right with their customers.

    Better luck next time. Crappy fast food service happens.

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    cathleen says...

    popeyes is the best. spicey chicken sandwich is the best i ve ever had:). there r a few nice popeyes out there i have been to a few, :)

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    eric says...

    your pretty dumb to think popeyes will ever lose their business…

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    Big Bob says...

    Hi Eric, when attempting to insult someone, it’s best not to come off as an illiterate donkey


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    Silvia says...

    Popeyes is pretty cheap thoug, I never get enough ketcup and at some stores they chop the chicken pieces for sanwhiches in half! Its sad to know thats theres no quality control.

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