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Joe Fresh Canada Horrid Customer Service Rep

By Hurtful daddy

Today is Father’s Day. After having a wonderful breakfast with my wife and kids ( 4 & 7 yrs old), we went to RCS Store, Highland & Fisberhallman, Kitchener to exchange a clothing  item for my wife. When we are at the  Joe Fresh cashier’s desk almost at the same time two more customers (most likely rep’s acquaintance ) came there with 20+ just grocery items. Cashier was ringing those items and was chatting like people do at home. We were three customers waiting in line with just clothing items. Since she was talking and ringing her friend’s grocery items, so I requested her if she can call for help and she called for help. The lady who came told me that she can’t ring for return/exchange as other girl was using for ringing grocery items. Before I say anything to her, she called for the next customer. I have not moved from in front of her when she called next person. Lady behind me also felt that new rep just ignored me and requested if they can switch the register. I, then aske
d the lady why is she calling other customer when I am not done. The customers who were getting their groceries (rep’s friends) started saying like…I also work in the retail and I know there are some bitchy customers like you ( pointing me). I felt more upset and humiliated in front of my family, so I just said…excuse me you are crossing your limit…besides, I am not talking to you ( customer - rep’s friend). My 7 years old son felt so bad seeing this that he hide behind clothing rack and started crying.

I thought I should report to this store manager and requested if she can call her manager/supervisor. The supervisor of Joe Fresh came to me and asked what my company is. While I was talking to her , store manager also came and I explained the whole situation. Store manager and Joe Fresh supervisor both agreed that represent should not be doing what she did with me. Store manager also told me that she will make sure Joe Fresh rep doesn’t ring grocery items while keeping their primary customers (clothing customers) waiting in the line.

I am not sure what she will do as I’ll not go back to RCS in future. I have PC’s many services (mastercard, Banking, & mortgage) for last 7/8 years; not only that, I’m their one of those valuable customers specially with their banking division according to the PC Financial.

I felt like I was treated like that because I’m an immigrant and those reps and their friend’s are not. So, I am not expecting to many changes on RCS side but I will first cancel my mastercard and the other services slowly. I just needed to express my feelings so that others don’t have to…

Sorry for writing such a long story.


Hurtful Daddy

Happy Father’s Day
June 17,2012